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10 Cool Websites you may not have heard of before

10 Cool Websites you may not have heard of before

Some interesting and fun sites that you may not have heard of, some of you will have heard of a few, but widely in my research most are not widely known.



1.    Share shopping reviews, offers and discoveries with friends


1000’s retailers, connects with Facebook to help you save money on-line, pretty nifty website, the design is great.  Exclusive discounts for sharing, good example of brand loyalty, very smart website.







2.  Website for safe videos for children.

Quite a good idea, there is so much content on YouTube, a lot of it inappropriate for children and not properly categorised, it is quite easy for children to stumble upon the wrong type of video on YouTube without realising, makes sense and a good idea filled here:




3.   Got $5/£3? This site has stuff for you! 

There are still a LOT of people that have yet to come across Fiverr, it is actually only 2 years old, Fiverr lets you buy and sell anything for $5, and the best part is that so many people over provide to perhaps build a portfolio, get experience whilst doing something they enjoy.  You can in-fact sell in multiples of $5 in the same transaction if the work required takes more time/resources.  People buy and sell anything from logo design, article writing, taking photo’s, advertising for you in big city’s, singing to you, all sorts!  People do actually make a lot of money on Fiverr, it’s all down to getting the good reviews and finding something that you can sell that does not take up too much time.





4.   Social shopping every woman’s dream (And Gok Wan)

An interesting website that allows you to “window shop”, and spend virtual cash in a social game that lets you create your own outfits.  Users can share their purchases and replenish their balance on their “payday”.  Clearly the site would make money by having an option to actually buy the outfits, but it’s received a good amount of funding, so funding doesn’t go into a business that doesn’t make money!  They are actually real clothes and shops to my knowledge.





5.  Stumble your browsing history

Flipora is a fast growing website that picks up your web history and shows you things you’ll be interested in, much like stumbleupon but much more targeted.

You’ll also notice the simplicity of the homepage before you sign up with Facebook, so powerful because they have 8m+ users!




6.  Swap your games

Swap your games and save money on ebay seller fees, you give a game you don’t want and get one you haven’t got!  The promo video is really good, (the animation on the homepage).  Gaboom has a pretty large community, to my knowledge it is UK/EU based although I imagine you could use it all over the world it’s just a matter of postage so I guess if both of you live in the US then it’s fine.




7.  One of the best looking games news sites that I know

Thegamershub is a magazine style game news and review website covering all the best and latest games, it is worth checking out just for the amazing website design.

8.  Promote your website

If you are new to running websites there is a good chance that you have not heard of this website, in-fact a lot of people who run websites don’t know or need this website however it can be useful if you are getting started.  The website gets fair traffic and offers a array of services which are paid for using “FP”, points which are earned by using the website and buying/selling services.  It should be noted that the main reasons you’d want to use the website are for getting a quick boost to new forums/blogs, getting a professional review or getting staff for your website.


9.  Yammer is a social network for business’s recently acquired by Microsoft.

Much like Facebook but more business like, for medium-large businesses to co-operate and work together effectively online.  I actually signed up to Yammer, and I put like, 20 employees or something, so it could work for small teams, it says 200,000 businesses use it worldwide, but there you go!



10.  Facebook for programmers 

A lot of people may/not have heard of this, in-fact I only found it from Minecraft haha. Even so, it is becoming very popular with programmers to share source code and is helping to develop all sorts of things for games, websites, apps, new programs, a bit like Facebook but for programmers, perhaps..

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.