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10 Things to avoid for good SEO

10 Things to avoid for good SEO


1.  Don’t name your pages, 1 2 3, etc.. always use a proper name for your pages such as, about_us, contact_us, especially with blog posts and articles.  Also make sure to put all pages in folders if you can and change the names to “index.html” or “index.php” etc.. so that people can find the page quicker just by typing in instead of


2.  Bad back-links  – Try to avoid placing bad backlinks to your website.

  • Try to avoid purchasing 1000’s links to your website, it is stupid and it is not worth the time or money
  • Do not spend time creating links on sites that are not related to your own
  • Do not spend time creating links on spammy websites
  • Do not spend too much time creating links for the purpose of SEO whereby they are not dofollow
  • Do not use automated tools to create backlinks
  • Don’t spend too much time creating backlinks on low PR websites


3.  Duplicate content –   You should be careful about creating duplicate content on your website as Google is all about unique and quality content and hates to see duplicates.  Try to avoid re-writing on top of other peoples articles, try to write from scratch yourself.  You can use tools like to check your posts.


4.  Keyword stuffing –  You might want to be careful about the number of keywords that you place in your pages, especially in your sites description and title as Google does not like over optimisation and does not like you to try to manipulate it’s search engine to gain an unfair advantage,  Google will rank you for keywords as long as you do not over do it.  You can use tools such as WordPress SEO by Yoast to see your keyword density.   Google prefers your keywords to be strongly relevant to the rest of your sites content.  Also don’t use irrelevant keywords in your web pages.


5.  Cloaking –  You should avoid cloaking your URL’s, this is whereby the address bar of the visitor appears as if you are on a particular domain, so for example you click through to a link but you are still on the same site.  This creates all sorts of issues in cases as Google perceives this as duplicate content in some cases. 


6.  Don’t use black hat SEO techniques –  This one is relatively important, depends how you want to play your SEO however if you want to stick around in the search results and not get banned from Google you should stick to white hat, you will also be more respected generally if you achieve good results by white hat methods.  There is however a difference between black hat SEO practices, and black hat tools, of which some black hat tools simply automate some tedious tasks that do not really affect rankings directly.


7.  Don’t waste time in untargeted directories – Directories are not particularly beneficial these days, especially if they are not related to your niche, you should not waste time signing up to lot’s and lot’s of directories because they just won’t benefit you.



8.  Try to avoid building your website in flash. – Google can not read Flash very well which is why you should not build your sites using it if you want to get good rankings, or any rankings for that matter.


9.  Don’t over optimize – Google is cracking down on this now, Google wants to focus more on quality content and value rather then people who manipulate the Search results by heavily optimizing their website, it also means that those with lot’s of money to spend on SEO have an unfair advantage over those you don’t.


10.  Don’t use the same titles, descriptions throughout your website. –   Similar to number 4, you should try not to include the exact same titles and descriptions all over the website, however keep them closely related.



I hope these tips have helped you out a bit! Good luck with your SEO, if you need any help with improving your SEO, please join our SEO forum.


Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

  • mikey

    also, don’t obtain only dofollow links and links from one type of website.
    link diversity is key.

  • Dave

    Diversity in key words and links is key. Good points on duplicate content. It all takes time and commitment to do it right.

  • Prawin kumar

    I am blogger myself and i know most of the tips given here for getting good seo from google are really helpful . Black hat practices and duplicate contents will never help a website to stay longer in this business . So making sites on quality contents is very much important .