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10 Tips for Blogging excellence

10 Tips for Blogging excellence

Perhaps you have just started up a blog, or you have been blogging for some time, or maybe you are still considering starting up a blog.


Become an expert

Learn as much as you can about your market, read other blogs and news sites, read books, take courses if you want.  You don’t have to have a degree or PHD, but research your market and know it in and out, otherwise your no better then anyone else!


Keep up to date

It is important to keep up to date by checking social media/news sites relative to your market, write down ideas.  If you want to be a place that lot’s of people go to read about a certain something, you want to know all about it!


Recycle old content

Find new ways to write about content, find old content that you have written, perhaps it was for a school project or another website, there are often plenty of ways to write about the same piece of information.


Keep it social

People love social media these days, you don’t have to implement facebook/twitter interactivity, however the idea of encouraging commenting and a small “community feel” of people with similar interests is good.  Remember it is easier to keep dedicated followers then to find new followers.  Make your content into polls, videos, animations all sorts!


Guest blog

Guest blogging can help to bring in more readers to your blog and give you a greater authority, it can also help you to be seen by industry insiders. Tips for guest blogging.


Keep it interesting

If it is not interesting people wont bother!  Often people who check blogs don’t have much time and want information quickly and with images and fun games etc.. Ways to add interactivity.


Keep it valuable

Not every post that you make has to be of amazing value, depends what your aims are really, however you should aim to provide something of value every so often to give people a reason to follow your blog, this could be a funny video that people might share, it could be a list of helpful resources, it could be a free guide that people can download.


Keep it quality

Google likes quality content, so does your audience, make sure that you take time to check what you are putting out and make it as exciting as you can!


Make Money

It is very possible that you can make some extra money, or a living from blogging (harder).  Perhaps you blog about certain products or services that you can become an affiliate for, place links and ads on your blog for those products, or write articles about them, anyone that clicks through and buys will earn you some money.  Remember if you want to make money, spend time doing things that will make you money.


Keep on topic

Do not confuse your readers, keep it your own content and your own opinion, try to keep your writing consistent throughout, as well as your branding (logo’s, writing style, theme etc..).


There you go, what are your favourite tips for blogging excellence? Why not tell us below.


Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.