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10 Tips to optimising your website

10 Tips to optimising your website

It is important to optimise your website for many purposes, sometimes SEO, sometimes user functionality and usability, here are 10 top tips to optimising your website that you may not have yet considered:


  • Speed up your websites load time, Google can make suggestions for this and tell you how you can speed up your website, often you may lose visitors if your website loads too slowly . You can optimise your images to make pages load faster, most image editors can do this when you save your image, if not you can use Image Optimizer.  Other things you can do is to Gzip compress parts of your website, most common browsers support this, you can also consolidate css and javascript files  instead of having multiple ones to load.
  • Optimise your SEO, if you have not yet optimised your SEO you could be missing out on extra traffic, members and sales.  SEO is often a slow but very targeted way of getting extra visitors or sales on your website.  If you use wordpress get SEO by yoast, very powerful.
  • Consider adding a mobile version of your website, many more people are using mobiles to browse websites these days, to have a mobile version of your website could be highly beneficial to your website, you can use WP touch, which is highly customisable and quick to get going, you can also use Tapatalk for mobile versions of forums.
  • Create a “press” or “featured in” page,
  • If you visited your website would you know what it is about within 5 seconds?  Look at other sites, what do they have that make them stand out with authority?  Some people share links to friends sites that link back to them, some people use banners for awards, you can apply to AllTop (which we are on).  Can people easily navigate around your website?
  • Optimise the branding and colours, can you make your branding more tighter? More recognisable?  Can you use the colours and style associated with your brand more throughout your website?  What about how text-books are laid out?  They are usually clearly designed, so you get used to how things are laid out and what is what.  Magazines often have these too.  It is important to distinguish a unique brand for your website.
  • Write catchier titles, I was speaking to Stephen about how people are into celebrity and current trends, like the latest film or the latest tour that lady gaga is doing.  Always try to include keywords in your title, body and description.
  • Create a landing page or use a pop-up script, (not a nasty one, a nice one, lot’s of sites use them.)  Use this to capture targeted emails, you can buy targeted traffic from advertising networks or send traffic there yourself.  Pop-up plugin, Free landing page templates.
  • Create a robots.txt file in the root of your site and sub directories to tell search engine bots what not to index, this will help improve rankings and stop worthless content getting indexed.
  • Do your articles and websites content convey the right message?  Remember often it is what people want, not what they need.  People want news on the latest fashion, or the latest games, people want discounts on their shopping, people want to indulge in celebrity gossip.  How can you utilise what your audience are interested in within your articles?  How can you effectively convey the message your trying to get across?


There you go, so what tweaks do you know of?  What have you noticed on your website that you’ve changed?  Take a look at your website, what can you do to channel more people into your website and keep them there as long as possible.  Often it is about psychology, people respond to controversy, make controversial titles, people like current events, relate to current events in your articles, relate to interviews and authority people in your niche.


More tips

  • Make a “call to action”, “buy now” button
  • Add social media buttons to your site, add a “tweet this” button to your articles, or add a plugin in wordpress or any other software.
  • Who, why, what, where is your website/business make it clear what you do
  • Hook the reader in the first sentence
  • Make use of formatting, titles and your sites colours in your content
  • Get feedback from your visitors and get ideas as to what people want.



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Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

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