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10 Tips to earning more from paid surveys

10 Tips to earning more from paid surveys

There are plenty of people earning regular extra cash from paid surveys online, some more than others, paid surveys will never make you a full time or part time living, but they can help you make a little extra money in your spare time.

The advantage to many is that they are easy to get started with, don’t cost any upfront money and give a lot of flexibility, most surveys taking 10-20 minutes to complete and most users being sent a couple a month or week, that being said depending on how much you want to put in you can make as much as £10 per month or £50 per month.

Survey sites are all very different from one another, some pay by cash to your Paypal account, others pay you in high street vouchers.   Some send users one survey a week, others send users one survey a month, although paid surveys are not an exact science there are plenty of ways you can increase your chance of earning and make the process much easier.

By the end of this article you will have learnt 10 insider tips to making more money from paid surveys and hopefully be on your way to earning £100’s of extra cash per year.

Make sure to fill your profile & keep it updated

Survey sites rely on the information you give them to send you relevant surveys,  companies who pay for survey data only want to get data from the right people so filling your profile is important, furthermore keeping your profile up to date is also important.  If your personal information changes over 6 months or a year and you do not let the survey site know you could miss out on new survey opportunities.   For example if you become a homeowner, buy a new car or mobile phone contract, or go on holiday.  These are all things that can give you more survey opportunities.

Don’t miss out on surveys – Get a dedicated email address

One of the main reasons that people don’t make much money from survey sites is that they miss the surveys they are sent.  Many surveys have quotas of people to fill and close from entrants once they have enough respondents. To make sure you keep on track of new surveys and don’t miss out on them consider setting up a dedicated email address for your surveys, this also helps to prevent any marketing emails from filling up your personal email inbox.

Windows live emails allow you to set up an additional “alias” email address within your existing email account, meaning that you can keep your inboxes separate but use the same login details for both emails.

Set time aside to complete surveys

Sometimes surveys timeout if you take too long or leave the survey, by setting dedicated time aside to complete surveys helps to ensure that you can complete the survey without timeouts, furthermore giving you time to complete new surveys that might have quotas to fill within a certain timeframe.

Register to more than one survey website

Many survey sites will only send one or two new surveys a month, to increase the amount you make from paid surveys there are plenty of other sites you can register to so you can increase your earnings.

Register to focus group sites

Focus groups can pay much more than surveys but generally require more of your time, some are completed online and others in some major cities, for example:

For Londoners: Indiefield which generally pays £35 per time –

FocusForce: Online and face to face panels: £40-£50 per survey, regular invites, across the UK –

Research opinions: Individual and detailed interviews and online focus groups, generally pays between £40-£200 –

Focus4People – In the south east of England generally and London, as well as telephone and online focus groups, pays £20-£250 –

Keep a record of the surveys you complete

Although very rare there are occasions when survey companies might fail in tracking the surveys you complete or think you have not completed a survey correctly, to help fight your corner in this situation keep a record of the surveys you complete and the date you complete them, this will also help to keep you motivated and track your progress on a month to month basis.  Also helping you to determine which survey sites earn you the most.

Use autofill to save your time

To save you time and allow you to earn more in a shorter period of time use auto fill to speed up form fillin         g, most popular browsers have an auto fill or auto complete function or plugin.  For Chrome and Firefox users you can use the below links:

Google Chrome:


Focus on the higher paying survey sites

Depending on how much time you are looking to spend may want to focus your time just on the highest paying surveys, thankfully there are plenty of people who have already tried and tested them all, so you don’t have to.  Try looking at Money Saving Expert or Elite Survey Sites which both provide a wealth of information on those that pay the most and how they pay you.

Look for a low minimum withdrawal

Again as mentioned earlier survey sites all have very different rules, some having minimum payouts of £10 others £50, remember survey sites are not banks and should not be treated as such, you should take out any money you earn as quick as possible, although the top survey sites are very well trusted there is no guarantee that they will be around in the next month.

Find out how you will get paid

If you are looking specifically for cold hard cash then its best to look for survey sites that specifically pay into your Paypal account, many will only pay you by shopping vouchers such as Amazon, Tesco or LovetoShop vouchers, consider how you wish to be paid when deciding on which survey sites to register to.

Register to more than just paid surveys

Some sites that offer paid surveys offer other ways to earn as well, for example Swagbucks pays users for searching the internet, watching videos, playing games and taking advantage of free offers and product trials.  Some survey sites also offer product testing, others offer money for testing mobile apps and websites, some offer money for downloading mobile apps or completing tasks on mobiles.

For the millions of people looking to the internet for ways to earn some extra income every year and those that look to surveys as the solution it can go one of many ways, although paid surveys are very easy and that’s why so many people like using them results can very quite significantly without the right guidance.

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.