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15 Types of blog content that you can create

15 Types of blog content that you can create
  1. Quiz  –  You can create your own quiz for free and paid if you want more options on plenty of websites and embed them in your blog posts, a good one to try is, you will be able to specify all sorts of answer types and add categories to your quiz to make it more interesting.  
  2. Poll  – A poll is a great way of understanding your audience and often collects results quickly if it is a simple yes or no it can also spark debate and create discussion with the right question.  You can easily embed a poll into your blog posts with Quipol.
  3. Survey  –  A survey is more for your benefit, you could create a form with Google Docs or excel and embed it on your website to get feedback, perhaps incorporate it with a giveaway, a good tool to use is surveymonkey.
  4. PDF  – A PDF is a good way of capturing emails because a PDF is seperate from a web page although you can embed them into web pages, usually you’ll allow people to download them in exchange for signing up to a newsletter or by tweeting a message.
  5. Giveaway  –   A give-away is similar to a competition although you just brand it differently, so basically everyone gets a copy instead of only one person, good to build trust, and perhaps collect emails but for longer periods of time then a competition, you could use popup domination (Legitimate people use this, it works well.) You could also use facebook viral scripts etc…
  6. Competition  –  You should run a competition on your site or blog because you’ll get good PR because people love to win things!  It gives you an excuse to create a fuss, you can also use it to build a list on twitter, facebook, newsetters etc.. So for example people would follow you on Twitter as the entry method and tweet a pre-defined message.  You are also able to post your competition on a LARGE number of competition sites that are always looking for competitions to fill up on their website:  
You can submit your competition to these websites for free and they will sometimes tweet your competition if you ask them, moneysaving websites often have competition categories, as do voucher code sites and many other types of forums and communities for you to promote your comp.
7.  Video – You could create your own videos, however you can easily embed other peoples videos because that is what the option is there for! When they publish a video they are prompted to specify if they want to allow embedding, you may want to contact the publisher before you embed the video to check if they mind or not, and/or you could leave credit in the footer of the article.  Videos help to keep people on your website for a long period of time, if you have ad’s on the page where the video is located it is possible that the viewer may be exposed to these for a longer time, either way they are spending more time on your website.  You can get a lot of articles out by summarising YouTube videos with a bit of text and then embedding the video.
8.  Game  – Your game does not directly have to be related to games, it could be a game for example that was educational, or it could just be a part of your site where you put some games up for people to play.  There are plenty of games on the internet that you are allowed to embed on your blog , here are some examples.
9.  Debate  –  You could spark a debate, these are often good ways to get people to your site and commenting because other sites often link to you.
10.   Comparison of products/services  – You can make money from this too if you are an affiliate of both products or services that you compare.  People are always looking for comparisons and reviews on Google etc.. so you can get some natural traffic that way.
11.  List of top 10 in your market etc.. –  Whatever your website is about you can always create a list of the “top” of something, you can often make money by using affiliate links in the lists too.  Perhaps top 10 films of the year. 
12.  Write a controversial article on a current news topic –  You could write an article that discusses a current news topic that lot’s of people are talking about and talk about something that would invoke peoples passions, so long as you do research and back up your articles.  You will often find with social media and Google search trends that you could bring a lot of traffic, and find that people write about your article too.  Sometimes you can even get featured on Wikipedia etc.. If your article generates enough interest.  Examples are perhaps, most overpaid bankers, because people are talking about bankers..
13.  Review a product or service – Companies will often send you free review copies of their products or services, you should not expect people to come to you though, you should make a point of letting people know that you are there, tell them your market or the types of people that visit your website because they want to know whether it is going to be worth you reviewing their product or not, give them examples of other reviews if you feel appropriate, and any coverage of their products or business where relevant.  You should also notify the press department of that company when you have put your review up on your website as they will often link to your review on their website and in their press materials if you give a positive review.
14.  Have the opposite opinion to everyone else on a topic – People will often link back to your website saying and comment on the article with their opinion, as long as you have good reasons for your argument and can back up what you say you can never go wrong.
15.  Create a productivity tool, such as a domain availability checker, domain name suggestor etc..  May require some programming knowledge, however you could for example create an embeddable form with excel or Google Docs, mobile phone tarrif calculator etc…


Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

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    Excellent ways mentioned to create blog contents . Very good informative post. When we write something viewing ourselves as the reader we can write better . Keeping our readers engaged in our site is very much important . Interactive items like polls , quiz, surveys keep our visitors engaged . Offering pdf ebooks on signup is a good way to get new members for our sites .