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22 ways to get repeat visitors to your website

22 ways to get repeat visitors to your website
  1. Create a poll or quiz.
  2. Make tools that people can use, for example our backlink tool.
  3. Run competitions
  4. Run referal contests – you can do this on forums, and other platforms.
  5. Create leaderboards –  Do you have a game? quiz? Make a leaderboard for it so that people can challenge themselves.
  6. Produce Regular content – Obvious
  7. Encourage people to subscribe to a newsletter, like you on facebook or follow you on twitter so that they are updated and reminded of your website.  This can be done by “locking content”, to people who are not subscribed, for example.  Get them to give you their email in exchange for a PDF guide, for example.  Make sure to use a newsletter provider such as Mailchimp and regularly post updates or feed them to social media with twitter feed.
  8. Make your website easy to use and understand
  9. Show this to a friend script (share script) –
  10. Add a collaborative Wiki/forum
  11. Subscribe comment’s to posts by default –
  12. Create controversial posts and encourage comments.
  13. Daily offers – Look at sites such as groupon, groupola think of ways that you can entice people to your website with special voucher codes and discounts
  14. Add games or an arcade to your website – (Most forum’s have arcades you can add)
  15. Blog – A blog is a good way of creating regular content.
  16. Encourage people to bookmark your website (use this javascript code).
  17. News section (news about your website, or your market, try to post regularly)
  18. Make sure to promote yourselves in as many places as possible, get yourself in as many places that your audience would visit as possible, build relationships with blog owners, submit yourself to directories, place yourself in Google ad-words.
  19. Improve SEO and target keywords that your audience would regularly search for.
  20. Add an rss feed to your website and actively promote it.
  21. Create an Astore, or a store. – An Amazon A store can be embedded in your website and you can choose only certain products that you want to be displayed.
  22. Add a paid membership and exclusive hidden content (WordPress has a plugin for this, Xenforo has a good one by default, and other platforms have them too, however often you may need a custom script, depends really what type of website you have..)

I hope that some of these have helped you, for more support on any of these ideas please comment below or join our forum.

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.