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25 Examples of services you can sell on Micro-Job sites

25 Examples of services you can sell on Micro-Job sites

Here is a list of 20 unique ideas that you can use to make some extra money on Micro-Job sites, even start a web-business, help you to get jobs from your portfolio of work and more!

For more information read the £100 challenge.

1.  Google does not like sites that subvert it’s search engine and prefer quality content, I saw a guy just today that has sold 170 500 word articles based on the recent Google update that aims to tackle mass back-linking to increase rankings over quality content.  As such this is a good selling point to sell to small businesses.  Perhaps you could add an extra to your gig where you will write 3 articles for $10/£7.  Instead of just 1.

2.  Create YouTube intro’s with Cinema 4D, try to get your own template that you can re-use and replace a text space with peoples text.  If you can put in some image placeholders (blank boxes) to show potential customers, look this is where your picture could go.

3.  Create manual backlinks for small businesses in your local area or anyone else online, like I said before back-linking is still a part of SEO to achieve higher rankings but Google does not appreciate masses and masses done through automated tools or spammy methods.  Google likes quality back-links from relative sites to your own, this can be a relatively time consuming process which is why people often outsource it to someone else, especially when they don’t have the knowledge either.  Blog commenting on quality sites that are related to the site you are linking to, so comment on blogs make sure to leave a comment that adds to the discussion, in the website field add the website, in the name field try to add a keyword/phrase that the customer wants to rank for.

So for example you might sell 10 quality backlinks from blog comments for $5/£3.50, for an extra $5 I will make 25 backlinks.  For more info read this:

4.  Write guides that you can send to people or automatically have download upon purchase with Fiverr/SEOClerks.  Such as, how to set up a gameserver, how to make a mobile app, how to use Twitter for dummies etc..  The top survey sites in the UK etc..

5.  Suggest names, maybe you are good at coming up with ideas? Maybe you could help people to name their website domains, businesses etc..

6.  Are you good at English?  Not everyone on the web is a native English writer/speaker, often people want their work proofread, that is where you come in! Maybe you can write content for their blogs, don’t forget that to achieve high rankings Google loves quality, consistent content which can often be in the form of blogs.

7.  Do you like to create videos? I know for a fact some people will send you products or give you services for a video review with a real face in it, or perhaps you could use hook up a screen recorder for software.  You could even create tutorials on how to use peoples sites with screen recorders, although I do recommend that you always use voice instead of text.  You can always review peoples websites, products etc.. in text form too.

8.  Are you good at fixing html bugs? For example old versions of Internet explorer giving people grief with their CSS?

9.  Can you sell tweets? Build up a large twitter following and sell sponsored tweets?

10.  Be creative, people often do well on micro-job sites because they came up with something unique, obviously you have to think, is there going to be a demand for it.
For example I saw someone create a template using Adobe after effects it was an animation for Kids birthdays to insert their name with audio, this went really well and about 60 people bought it.

11.  People often outsource arduous tasks they don’t want to do themselves  such as data-entry, transcriptional, writing scripts, creating buttons, banners, forms, think, what would small businesses need doing that they could easily pay someone £3.50/$5 to do in 20 minutes that they just don’t have the time for?

12.  Review peoples websites, games apps, a well structured review, that gives the customer either a 2nd persons insight into changes/improvements they could make that they might not be able to see themselves, a 2nd opinion is always beneficial.

13. I have seen someone that has made about $500/£320 selling promotion on forums and sites, like yahoo answers. Now, I don’t know if this is allowed on Yahoo answers, in-fact I would say probably not, however I have also seen people selling hub-pages and squidoo articles, which rank well in search engines and are good for:

  1. Earning money if you put it up on your site
  2. Creating traffic/authority for your website.
14.  Use it as eBay, if the cost is small enough, or perhaps you can market it locally to people who live in your area, to sell physical items you create or to hand out flyers etc..
15.  Design t-shirts, for $5 I will design you a t-shirt, for 10$ I will design the back, for $20 I will send it to your address.  Design Iphone stickers (these can be printed) and so on.
16.  Interview people over skype for their business, website etc.. Especially good to take advantage of peoples announcements for new products, businesses etc… I know someone that does this but there’s definitely a market for it.
17.  Creative ways to promote peoples logo’s, there’s always a demand for it especially when it’s only $5 or so per go.
18.  Place peoples banners on your website for a selected period of time (make sure you are descriptive as to the traffic and content and honest too!)
19.  Create a cool powerpoint presentation, some people don’t have the time or the creativity to do it themselves.
20.  QA testing, (Quality Asurance testing), can be good for indie developers, in-fact I have never seen such a service so I would suggest if you are serious about it put a lot of effort in and get exclusive access to new games + the developer gets a quality list of bug’s suggestions etc.. Could work also for apps, and such. (Might need to position yourself in indie dev forums etc..)
21.  Help people find things.  Im telling you there is a huge market for this, people don’t often have the time or know how/where to look, like maybe they want the cheapest laptop but they want a good one, etc.. So your job would be to create a template for them to fill out then find what it is they are looking for on the internet.  You may want to offer a refund if you can’t find it though.
22.  Model your pet!
23. Research!  A lot of small businesses or whoever really, if someones got a project or a business, research is so important to ensure that you’ve got your market right, it could be that you conduct a survey or poll on peoples behalves, maybe you go into forums or on social media and find out what people think.  A specific example of this is keyword research which for those that don’t know is the process of determine good keywords to target for search engine optimization, ones which have low competition and/or high searches per month.
24.  Create an animation
25.  Pay for a service and use it to re-sell services to make profit, so for example a Twitter management tool costs £7 per month, and you hope to at least sell 5 Twitter services in the first month at $5 each so that is about £17 so £10 profit, there are a lot of examples of these types of things online, for example you save people time by finding and being able to use the best tools.  Then you make a profit by selling services using those premium tools.
These are just some ideas, if you have any please do let us know! Also don’t forget to join our support thread: Click Here.


Don’t forget micro-jobs are still relatively new, Fiverr was one of the first in my knowledge and that only came out in 2010, so many people still don’t know about these sites and often think they have to pay £100’s more then they need to.  It does not even have to be just $5 because you can add gig extras for $20,$10 etc.. or with SEOClerks there is no limit to how much you charge.  If people don’t come to you straight away, (The sites have a lot of sellers and limited categories).  There are groups such as “Fiverr promotion groups”.  A lot of “Niche” forums will allow you to advertise your gigs, although you may want to check specific forum rules because often they don’t like you selling something on an external website to theirs.

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

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