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26 ways to make money online

26 ways to make money online

Here are 26 ways to make money online, not in any particular order:


There are plenty more ideas on our forum and on our blog, and more that we have yet to reveal, here are 26 to get you going:


1. Sell stuff on ebay – everyone knows this.

What is it: Yee olde Ebay, I actually struck lucky by picking up a few pokemon cards from a bookfair and they happened to be worth something, you can even make 100’s if you find the right items, and buy them for pennies, In-fact I know a person who buys second hand clothes for pence in the summer months and sells them on ebay and makes a few 100 pounds.  Anyone can do this with the right fashion and branding knowledge.  

How much: Anything -10% + listing fee’s 

Link: http://www.ebay.com


2. Make a twitter fanpage

What is it:  Recycle your old mobile or gadgets and get money

How much: Less then selling it on ebay, and you will hear that here but not on their sites!  This is for lazy people essentially, I advise that you refer back to ebay.



3. Recycle your dvd’s

What is it:  Recycle old dvd’s cd’s and games, (sometimes you get more then ebay, and it is quicker to sell, but you may make a loss compared to ebay).

How much: Sometimes you will need to recycle 10 items at the same time to cash out.

Link: , 



4. Sell stuff on fiverr (hot hot)

What is it: Fiverr is a great place for you to sell 1000’s different services for example, article writing, wordpress installation, graphic design, proofreading, you can even sell PDF’s on fiverr, advertising on your twitter/website, all sorts.  You are only limited by your imagination.   The website is in dollars, however anyone in the world can buy or sell on the site.

How much: $5 per sale (you can sell things in bulks of $5)



5. Make a twitter fanpage

What is it:  Here is the best way to make money from twitter and have fun too Promote concert tickets and cd’s, games, dvd’s etc..

How Much: As much as you work

Link:  :


6.  Do jobs on freelancer 

What is it: If you have any particular knowledge, experience or skills you can sell these for individual and sometimes follow-up jobs on marketplaces such as

A free lancer is someone who works for themselves and is not tied to one particular employer.

How much: $5-$5000 + averages are $15-$70, $200-$600,  all types of jobs.



7.  Sell your unwanted stuff

What is it:  Sell your unwanted stuff

How much: Sale price

Link: (Uk site)


8.  Get free console games

What is it:  Get free console games by trading your games with other people, just page the postage, much cheaper then eBay.

How Much:  Not quite making money, but you do save money.




10.  Send in an old video to You’vebeenframed  (Still going didn’t you know!)

What is it: As old as time it’self (Can use ones mobile)

How much: £250



11.  Sell Images

What is it:  Images are always in demand, especially ones that could be positioned in articles, text books and blog posts etc..

How much:  15% for each file downloaded upwards 

Link: ,


12.  Tutor GCSE/AS level students

What is it:  If you are fresh out of Uni or college perhaps you could use your knowledge to tutor students who are where you were before!

How much: £10 per hour potentially

Link: , ,



13.  Sell stuff to WeBuy

What is it:  Sell games, tech and gadgets

How much: Better then a lot of places (cough game)



14.  Get paid for links in your editorial

What is it: Kontera: Here is a great site that pays you for contextual links in your posts on your website, essentially this means a link within the article that contains a keyword for example: I really liked going to Chessington world of adventures, I had an amazing time.

How much: 70% Revenue Share, Signing Bonus for qualified sites with over 25k US pageviews/month, and you get paid starting at $50!



15.  Sell links on your website

What is it:  Sell links on your website

How Much: $$’s – $$$’s

Link:  ,   ,


16.  Make money from flash games

What is it:  Create flash games and advertise within the game

How much: Based on the number of games you make and the amount of people who play it

Link: , , Yee Olde Adsense



17.  Make money from mobile apps

What is it:  Advertise apps and other relative content within your apps

How much: Based on clicks within your app 




18.  Get rewarded for using mobile apps

What is it: Get paid and rewarded for doing activities and recommending things on your mobile

How much: All amounts, from around $0.25 per activity, more and less

Link: ,


18.  Get paid free cashback

What is it:  Get paid for taking free trials of thing such as Netflix, Lovefilm, Experian Credit Report, Chocolate (mmm chocolate), this is not a GPT site, or any of that rubbish, this is the best around, and I advise it 100%.  You can also get cashback for buying products and services online too.

How much: Anything from a few £0.01 – £25 per go, There are plenty for £7 or more all the time.



19.  Private forums/groups

What is it:  Consider making your forums private, or create some sort of “club” whereby members have to pay to access content.

How much:  You could charge any amount, perhaps $5 per month, or $1 per month, or $15 per year, however think of it that you want to get 1000 members, 1000 x $15 = $15,000 per year /12 = $1250 PM.  That is a good goal, for $15 per year to be a member to a private forum to achieve 1000 members will see you $1250 per month.

Link: n/a


20.  Make money as an affiliate

What is it:  Sell peoples products or services as an affiliate.

How much: Anything

Link: , ,


21.  Sell items online with no listing fee

What is it:  Don’t like Ebay’s 10% final value fee?  Go elsewhere!

How much: However much you want without listing fee’s



22.  Participate in online surveys

What is it:  Answer questions on various subjects and get paid for your time.

How much: £0.25 – £25 per survey, let’s be realistic, there are not many that pay that much, an average is probably more £0.25 – £3.00, sometimes it is vouchers instead of cash and there may be a minimum withdraw amount.

Link: , , 


23.  Place advertising on your website (Easy’ish)

What is it:   Google adsense and other advertising networks or individuals may pay you for advertising space on your website

How much:   The more traffic you get the more money you could make, ad’s can change based on your pages content or based on visitors search history.

Link: ,


24.  Make money writing articles

What is it: Write articles on all sorts of subjects and get paid for it!

How much: Anything from $3 upwards

Link: , , , ,


25.  Make money with Mylikes

What is it:   Get paid to make tweets/videos/posts about products/websites/services 

How much: $0.10 per click for tweets in some cases




26.  Sell your website

What is it:  Sell your website for money! 

How much: Your revenue x multiplier 




Other ideas:

Sell PDF guides

Create ebooks for kindle


For lots more take a look around our blog and forum, and consider reading our free guides when you subscribe to our newsletter:


Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

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