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50 Ways to increase website traffic

50 Ways to increase website traffic

Here are 50 ways to increase your websites traffic.  For support and advice on these ideas join our forum. Or reply here.


1. Share your posts and website pages on social bookmarking websites such as

2. Have a signature link in forums that points to your site (targeted forums help for SEO if they are dofollow)  You can find forums with our backlink tool.

3.  Create a competition for your website and submit it to competition websites such as theprizefinder, loquax etc..

4. Leave comments on other people’s blogs and link back to your site – Use our backlink tool.

5. Have the opposite opinion on everyone else on a popular topic. Everyone will link to you saying your wrong. Especially on social media sites like Twitter.

6. Answer questions on Yahoo Answers – Link to your website, but do not spam your website only link to your site in every 10-30% of answers for example.

7.  Promote your website on webmaster forums that allow for feedback threads or promoting.

List of forums to promote and get feedback.

8. Get yourself known as an expert and get featured in offline magazines, TV and radio stations (long term project).

9. Have an opt-in form – trade links with someone else who has an opt in form on your confirmation page

10. Review a product or company – if your review is positive email the company and ask to be featured in their press section. (this has worked really well for me)

They love it if you send them news of your coverage, especially before asking for review copies.  Read about Michelle Chai who reviews fashion products for her blog.  Read our tips on getting review copies.

11. Post about celebrities current events if it relates to your niche – there’s always a lot of people looking up celebrity’s, especially pictures, videos, polls and quiz’s.

12. Write a Press Release and submit it to press release sites, send it to relevant news websites etc..

13.  Buy some cheap/targeted traffic on Fiverr, make sure that you know what source it came from, what country and whether they are real people (they do exist for only $5).

14. Add a Wibya toolbar to your website, customise it to fit in with your websites theme.

15. Add a mailing list subscribe form to your website to grab attention through email and get repeat visitors + promote products and offers. Contest

16. Add a bookmark this site link in a high visibility site on your website

17. Use a Tell A Friend Script on your site so people can email their friend about an article on your website.

18. Advertise in as many places that can be related to your website as possible, anywhere that your audience might go.

19.  Submit your blog posts to Reddit (can be targeted)

20. Write controversial headlines/titles – good titles get more clicks.

21. Submit you RSS feed to RSS feed directories  A list of RSS sites can be found here.

22. Mention your website in a post on Craigslist (don’t spam)

23. Optimize the titles of your pages for keywords people will search for.

24. Piggyback on hot news items to generate traffic (Advised)

25.  Submit game or tech news to n4g or techspy.

26.  Send your press release to sites that include a “tip us” contact, make sure it is very relevant, some websites have a specific contact for press releases.

27.  Send your website in to you’ll get a LOT of traffic if you get featured.

28. Create a freebie product to give away (ebook, software, game, music etc.)  Use something like Paywithatweet or Emailbeforedownload.

29. Conduct interviews and submit them to viewsline.  Interviewees may also mention the interview and post it to their list on twitter, YouTube, their website etc..

30. Create a list of the top “blogs/products etc..” in your niche – people will often link back to you or send something to their list to say what position they were featured.

31.  Buy reviews about your site on other people’s site (you can use for this)

32. If you have a product or service start an affiliate program, use sites such as, run a competition for most referred users on a forum, or other type of site.

33. Submit videos to video sharing sites like YouTube and Metacafe. Include a link in the description and within the actual video.

34. If you have a product send it to website owners to get reviewed, especially games and apps, you can also get websites reviewed on occasion.

35. Write guest posts for other sites in your niche make sure to link back to your website in your profile if you are allowed, or try to include a contextual link in the article if they let you.

36.  Add a social floating script to your website, (floats to the side of your website while you scroll up and down), allows users to share content.

37. Use an autoresponder on your mailing list to keep people coming back to your site

38.  Create a twitter fanpage for your business, follow targeted people with Tweepi, feed your sites posts and announcements with twitterfeed and twuffer.

39. Invite blog owners to review your website, make sure that your site appeals to their interests or their audiences interests.

40. Network! Email other site owners, phone them up, go to industry events and get yourself known. If they know your face they will likely talk about you on their site if you do something interesting.

41. There are a lot of websites that have sections whereby you can promote your website/creative ventures or get feedback (use these) mainly forums.

42. Use Tweepi to build a massive targeted list on Twitter.

43.  Create a social poll and share it on Facebook, Twitter etc.. using Quipol.

45.  Take advantage of free Ad vouchers for Bing, and Google ad-words, you can often get anything from £50-£100, sometimes in magazines like .net and web user, or when you buy web-hosting, or just around the net.

46. Research high traffic keywords and do SEO on your website to rank high in those keywords, try to find ones that have little competition.

47. If you sell a product ask someone else who sells a product to list your product with theirs, and you’ll do the same for them – split commissions on sales.

48. When you write a new article on your site – link to as many blogs as possible – they will likely see your site in their pingbacks, website stats, or Technorati. They will visit your site and possibly subscribe to it and link back at a later date.

49. Tweet people when you write articles about them, they may Retweet the message to their followers.

50. If your site is popular and has quality unique content then apply to get listed in Google’s News search.






Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

  • Thanks for sharing Oliver, this is incredible list and some Ideas are so unique.