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Adobe Edge review

Adobe Edge review

With the recent introduction of Html5 going mad over the net, and new internet trends, Adobe has responded with a new tool, currently in open Beta (free) to allow you to create interactive elements with html5 for your websites, such as banners, Flash graphics etc

Adobe Edge is a handy web design program to have, allowing you to create animated flash style banners graphics.

Adobe have put in a “Get started” tool, which runs you through the basics of creating graphics in Adobe Edge.  

A key bonus is that when you process your finished graphic it displays the graphic in HTML5, Javascript and CSS, which means that modern browsers and phones allow you to see the graphic without the need for Flash Player installed.

Edge is mobile ready and allows you to create responsive content for the modern smartphone as we know smartphone access to websites is on the increase and people are looking at ways to take advantage of this new market.

Adobe Edge also allows you to put other images, (SVG, JPG, PNG and GIF) straight into your graphic.

Adobe Edge isn’t the best software of its kind available, as Edge is focused mainly on creating Flash graphics, whereas a tool like Seriff’s Drawplus allows you to do much more then just Flash graphics.

A great feature with Edge is that it aims to help you to add an extra layer to your sites, to keep the user engaged and to drive more sales through interaction and providing pleasing pages.

Edge is basically another version of Flash but it allows you to create and view the graphics you create without the need for Flash Player.

Adobe Edge has many built in animations for you to use, when you have set up your basic graphic simply click the “pin” button or press the P button on your keyboard, and then drag the Playhead along the track line until you have it the length you want the graphic to be, then Edge will automatically create the animation for you.

Although knowing basic HTML is helpful for creating these graphics, it isn’t a necessity.

A bonus of Adobe Edge is that Adobe have created a sleek, easy to use interface, you can pick things up pretty much straight away with very little knowledge of Edge.

Adobe Edge requires a platform to implement into, you cannot really create stand alone sites with it, it is simply for the use of exploiting the features of Html5 to drive dynamic and interactive content to your pages.

You can create compositions from scratch in Adobe Edge, using drawing and text tools or imported web graphics. You can also add motion to existing HTML documents.

Adobe Edge features a timeline that is very easy to use, allowing you to select where you want different animations to come in and select different clips to edit.

Pro’s and con’s
Adobe Edge’s sleek design provides an easy to use tool.Adobe Edge allows you to create and view Flash Graphics without the need for Flash Player.Do not forget Adobe Edge Preview is free, so its worth at least trying out.


Adobe Edge is a very basic graphic maker.

Sometimes Adobe Edge’s graphics come out very bumpy and badly animated.

Adobe Edge can only be used alongside a more powerful web site creator, as Edge just doesn’t have the capability to do certain things other programs can do.

To sum up

Although its only a very basic graphic creator, it is easy to use and can either be used as an introduction program  before you move on to better programs, or just to make a few basic Flash graphics now and again.

For Adobe Edge to be a more successful graphic software Adobe need to scale it up to be able to handle what other graphic programs can handle, like building tidy, animated sites.

Adobe has a wide range of resources and lessons to get you started with the program and get ahead of your competition.

Edge comes at a great time for Adobe as the way in which we create websites begins to change with new technologies and softwares

Edge will be commercially available (at a charge) after the beta phase.

You can download Adobe Edge here.




Written by Matt

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