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Advice for aspiring bloggers

Advice for aspiring bloggers

Blogging has become a pastime for millions of people all over the world. At the same time it has been a life changing career option for several thousand and a little extra cash for a few hundred thousand. There are lots of people online giving advice and resources on how to get started as a blogger and sometimes how to make money online as a blogger, but there are only really a few things you have to worry about, especially for those just starting or thinking about starting out anyway.   Blogging is a little bit a minefield in the sense that there are already so many people doing it, so many established people doing it, but this does not matter we only have to worry about them.

The first piece of advice for bloggers to get a kick-start would be to start blogging about something that they are passionate about. The world has become a global village and reaching out to people across the world has become very easy. However it is difficult to penetrate the existing market of thousands and thousands of bloggers. The only thing that can make you stand out in the crowd is unique content, unique content that is identifiable with you.  Even from a Google ranking point of view Google is now looking more at how people “brand” themselves online, how websites develop their brand in terms of design, style of writing, general content, what social networking websites they use, what other websites link to them etc..  Google has changed the way that they rank websites and now although optimising your posts keywords and working towards quality links to your website are important, social branding is just as important in how Google ranks your website.  Keep true to yourself and what you are really passionate about and people with the same interests will identify with you, maybe they will even buy into the products that you promote?

You should have a dedication and a willingness to create your own brand that people can easily distinguish you by, remember this can be done from free with tools like WordPress and Blogger etc…  You may be inclined to write about a burning current affair topic or start to blog about latest technology to generate interest.  This is all very well and good but when it comes down to it everyone else is doing this, they are probably doing it bigger and better than you because they have the money and influence to get their hands on products before anyone else but it is only one’s knowledge and passion in that domain which will help to create a firm foothold or to gain some attention and maybe companies will be throwing their products your way for you to write about or sending you to trade events to write about on your blog.

If there is no exclusivity in a blog, not a unique perspective and no value for the readers then not much can be achieved with blogging. At the end of the day, blogging is about personal opinions or perceptions and understanding. Without knowledge or passion, it is almost impractical to expect that someone would have a worthwhile perception or opinion on a particular topic. Even if your blog is informative, giving tutorials or guidance it is present knowledge that helps and not borrowed updates.

The second piece of advice for aspiring bloggers is to be completely sincere in what you do. Blogging once in a while or posting one blog in a fortnight will not get you anywhere.  People get bored, Google gets bored (Googlebot loves consistent unique content for its search index, think of it as “Im going to feed Google today” if you will), your social media followers get bored,  even if it is just a simple poll or a video, maybe it is not even your video but it is of interest to you and your audience or maybe a few thoughts on a news-piece just keep the ball rolling.

A quick look at popular blogging platforms will show you that many bloggers had posted some content and are hardly active now. You can also spot how irregular the postings have been. These are the first challenges that one has to fight with and win against.

Good luck in your blogging ventures.

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Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.