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Advice for parents

Youngwebbuilder is a safe website for anyone between the ages of 13 and 24 to learn the skills to make their own websites, games, mobile apps, YouTube videos and much, much more.  The website also features a community support forum for people to share their experiences and get support.  The forum aims to be a friendly and valuable place for teens and anyone else to share and learn life-long skills.


Youngwebbuilder features ways that teens and students can make money online, and offline as well, such as:

Make money as a local computer technician – Suggestions and support for teens to sell computer repair, virus removal, computer speed up, wifi securing in their local area for friends/family and neighbours.

Make money on Twitter – If your child is under 18 you may want to register as the affiliate under your name and work on it as a team, this is certainly a very constructive and fun way of making extra money on Twitter and teaches enterprising skills, very beneficial in the workplace.

  • We never condone or support any unethical or illegal methods for making money, especially on the forum.   Youngwebbuilder works closely with business establishments in the UK and educators and hope to be able to start local events for young people to network and learn more about web-development.
  • Youngwebbuilder has an anti-spam policy and have active moderators to counter this, we want the forum to be a safe and on-target place for people to get support and share knowledge.
  • Youngwebbuilder is managed and founded by teens apart from our wizard Stephen Ryan (48), he is an advisor and occasional contributor to the YWB blog and forum who has worked for some of the UK’s top ICT companies including: IBM, Capita, BBC, Codemasters, Babel Media, Vodafone, Microsoft and more.  Stephen has also had his own business’s and received investment and gone through the process of developing products and aims to share as much of his knowledge to the YWB community as possible.
  • Many of the valuable skills that teens can learn here is Search engine optimisation, which is a very interesting and often rewarding activity which is all about optimising websites content “on page” and “off page” to increase Google rankings, SEO is just one of the skills that we teach at YWB and have abundance of knowledge in.  For this and many other skills that teens may want to learn we highly recommend joining the forum.
  • YWB will never share personal data with anyone and we keep user data safely stored on a secure database managed by hostgator.
  • We are Uk based and passionate about business and web-development and hope to inspire plenty more with interviews and guides on our blog.
  • We recommend that you actively encourage your child to learn about making money online from their skills as it really boosts self confidence and teaches a wide range of skills that are not always available in schools.
  • Some of the information we share does require the user to be over 18 or for a parent to register for the child and supervise the activity of the website etc… Google Adsense, which is a popular solution for earning money from advertising on your website has just these rules.


YWB is about spending time constructively, learning the skills to make money from your passions instead of spending countless hours lost in Facebook and other media.

Play games and consume websites or make games and websites


Support links:

Being safe online – Parents, teachers and young people

Finance guides for teens – Martin Lewis of Moneysavingexpert believes that more should be done to teach children about finance and managing their money in schools, for more information and for activity sheets and a printable guide visit the above link.

Princes Trust –  Invaluable support across the country for young adults including funding for enterprise and much, much more.

Mums Net Internet Safety – Mum’snet has all the info you need to keeping you and your child safe on-line.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us, or reply here.