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All the great ways to make your mobile app For FREE!

All the great ways to make your mobile app For FREE!

Hello, I’m Jordan, a 12 year old  iPhone app developer and a new staff member here at Young Web Builder.Today I am going to show you all the great ways you can make your app.Whether it be native or 3rd party, Android or iOS or both.Here is a list of some of the ways you can write your app:


Feedhenry is a service created by a company called..well called Feedhenry.It is an amazing new technology that exports to iOS, Android, Nokia Phones, Windows Phone and much more.What makes Feedhenry unique is that you only have to write your app once to export it to all these great Operating systems, even better is that they have a free version.And, the best thing is that you write your apps in 3 languages, possibly the easiest ever: HTML, Javascript and CSS.Yes, I am serious.Feedhenry is great and you can check it out by clicking here (You can learn HTML, CSS and Javascript here)


Xcode is the native program for writing apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad and you can’t develop for this but I bet you never knew Apple TV was iOS also) it is only available for Mac, but if you plan on developing for iOS you will need a mac anyway for publishing.It is a really great program, there is documentation all over the program and it even comes with an iOS emulator.The programming language for Xcode is an Object-oriented programming language called Objective-C, a modified version of C, it is a nice programming language, but Object-Oriented isn’t for me. For more information on xCode and Objective-C, click here

Android SDK


The Android SDK is the native SDK for writing Android apps, it is free and is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.It is free and it isn’t an actual program.It’s basically an API.It works with Eclipse, etc.All native Android apps are written in Java.For more information click here

Corona SDK

Last but not least is Corona SDK, a cross platform SDK that is probably the most famous cross platform development platform.Written in the programming language Lua, Corona SDK works with Game Center, OpenGL, Facebook and Google Maps.There catchphrase is ‘Code Less.Play More’ and I can say thats true, I used Corona for one of my apps.It’s great for games and basically, any other sort of app.For more information on Corona SDK click here

Well thats all of the best resources for free, Obviously there are other ones but most of them cost, a lot.I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to check out all the services.Thanks again -Jordan

Written by Jordan

Jordan Casey is a 12 year old programmer, Founder, entrepreneur and designer.He has been programming and blogging since the age of 9.He is now an app developer and in fact, Europe's youngest.He has been featured on TV, Radio, newspapers and magazines across Ireland and even The New York Times.He has spoken at the biggest creativity festival in the world, Cannes Lions.Where he met the creator and CEO of Twitter, president of MTV, Microsoft, YouTube and was even interviewed by Adobe.

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