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Amend the UK Human Rights Act 1998 to outlaw Youth Unemployment!

Amend the UK Human Rights Act 1998 to outlaw Youth Unemployment!

Dear All,

You’d be surprised just how many members of are either unemployed or underemployed or on some kind of disability benefit. Yet, by coming back day after day to this website in their thousands, they have shown a will to work, a will to make a living and a will to work with others to build a positive life for themselves.

This whole scene is a complete contrast to the UK governments current line that unemployed people are on the whole, lazy and shirkers. flies in the face of any attempt to discredit and marginalise the umemployed in this country, because even when the founders left the website for a time, members still continued to visit and still continued to develop its contents.

It tells me that people are genuine about working. Those that aren’t need all the support we can give them to encourage them to understand that work is a good thing for them.

Shame, blame, guilt and fear are negative emotions and simply serve to erode the spirit to work, rather than to motivate, to navigate and to lead people forward.

If politicians really desire that everyone should work, then they need to take responsibility for their citizens to work, rather than leave them to the fancies of market forces. You cannot say everyone has the right to work, if millions of people cannot find a job. That’s like saying, everyone has a right to work, yet some have more of a right than others.

To this end, we believe that citizens should lobby government to amend the Human Rights Act of 1998 to include the right to work for every citizen in this country.

Please take a look at the following website Human Rights Act and read the page.

If you believe that it is time to Outlaw Unemployment then send a letter to your  Member of Parliament.

To do this, go to Letter to Member of Parliament section of Human Rights Act and either cut and paste the letter there or write your own letter, care of your local MP.

For a list of MP’s and their email addresses, go here.

If you care about the plight of millions of young or old people in this country and the generations to come, we hope you will put pen to paper and support this amendment.

Best Wishes

Stephen (Co-founder of

Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.