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Are you really ready to become a Young Web Builder?

Are you really ready to become a Young Web Builder?


What has politics ever done for young people in any country of the world?

Politicians talk about it, lobbyist’s justify their wage for it, business dragons pretend to do it and the majority of young people end up working at MacDonalds cooking up junk food for other young people.

There are some kids that gain from it and its the ones who resonate well with those who have all the influence, but what about the other 99%?

You see them on the TV, all done up in their new suits, on the BBC’s apprentice.

They wheel these kids out like they are model citizens and represent the millions of working class kids in the country, but they don’t represent anyone. The only thing they represent is the kid that got lucky, or the kid whose dad works for the bank or the kid whose dad was a celebrity in some rock band 20 years ago.

Or maybe a smart arse kid who when he grows up is going to eat all his employees for breakfast! Nice!

Alan Sugar, Peter Jones, David Cameron, your local MP, the DWP, Mick Jagger yardy dardy…. they are all in on it!

You see aspiration is not sufficient to dig a young web builder out of the mire. There has to be some goal, some action, some REAL support from others around them!

No youth enterprise schemes, university education, dance for dragons or a visit to your local MP is going to help you realise your potential. No amount of waving banners and flags outside Westminster is going to get you problem resolved, or making your point on BBC Question Time. They will drown you out so no one can hear you!

They only like the sound of the same old voices! They say they speak for you, but when did you ever see any real outside help for you? Its an illusion dressed up to make them look they doing something and they aren’t.

No, the only way you going to get anywhere is to get together with other people like you and to stop crying in your video games and work together to build a life for yourself.

National politicians power is gone, the world is going global now and all the power will soon be concentrated at the centre. Politicians, media and global corporations are moulding into one. Grey hats realise this. You must think global, the internet is your stage, you are young and you are bright. Stop concentrating on the valueless, outdated noise and distractions thrown at you and focus hard on what your goals are. Stop trying to do everything alone, we are here for you.

Recession, austerity, adversity are opportunities, not places to hide.

Join and forget politics and the egos of flimsy TV celebrities.

We are here for you, so be here for us.


Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.