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Backlink(ing) Tools

Backlink(ing) Tools

For as long as I can remember, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has constantly been changing, forever adding and removing little things that should be done to help with your SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) or to help you get a little bit more exposure by crawlers and get indexed faster. All these little things like load time, SEO friendly URL’s and keyword rich content play a major role in how you rank in the search engines. The thing is, what’s always been the same and will probably forever remain the same is backlinking. Backlinking has always been a vital part of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to help you get your website to the top of Google and other Search Engines!

The only issue here is there’s a vast amount of variables to take into consideration when building backlinks to make sure that they’re the most effective to aid you in your SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) for the desired keywords. Now this is fairly hard to do and without any experience its something that not a lot of people can do very well, this is why there are some tools available out there to help you decide on which sites to target. You can use these tools to determine which sites are worth time to build backlinks on or if they’ll just be a waste towards your overall ranking goal.
So with that being said, I’ll be providing you with a few tools that you can use to help you along in deciding what sites are worth going for and where you site stands as well.

The first one would be Google Webmaster Central

This site gives me the ability to sign up for google sitemaps, show me crawling errors and broken links as well as a view of your backlinks to your website, so you’re able to check if your backlinking campaign is going well or not, making this a very handy tool.

The second one would be MajesticSEO

This is a very powerful tool to have when looking up websites to check as well as even check on your competitors websites also. They give you the ability to check the number of pages, links (as well as nofollow ones), sub domains and redirects a website has.

The third tool would have to be Linkscape

Linkscape is run by the people over at SEOmoz and is another must have tool to have. This tool allows you to find out the inbound links to a site as well as the number of different domains linking to that page. It also gives you its own unique ranking of the domain overall, giving you another good metric to go by.

So they are the top 3 tools that I personally use to help me decide if a website is worth my time to target and get that all important backlink information/updates from. Feel free to check out my blog for more SEO Tips!

Written by Joshua

My name is Josh and I am no novice when it comes to blogging and forum management. I am the proud owner of a forum management blog named Admining. While I do mostly write about forums, I also write about blogging and SEO. You can follow me on twitter @OriginalJLogan, Circle me on Google+ and friend me on BlogEngage.