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Basic Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

Basic Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

Blogging Tips for Beginners

This article intends to help beginners in the field of blogging as well as more experienced online entrepreneurs who want to diversify their streams of income. These blogging tips should help everyone reading, as long as they are disposed to put in a little effort in building their website and in promoting it.

Blogging tips should begin with buying a reliable hosting and then a domain that suggests the overall content of the blog. The .com ones are searched by everyone so they might not be available but don’t stress yourself if that occurs, options are available so decide for one of them.

Next on our list of blogging tips is choosing the platform, which allows publishing the entire content of the website. WordPress is a very popular software and the bonus is that it is incredibly
user-friendly so beginners can find their way quickly. Other software is Blogger and Joomla! All these steps can be done rapidly and are addressed to beginners. The following two parts of this article on blogging tips are for beginner and experienced bloggers.


More Blogging Tips for Beginners

A blog’s personality is given by content, meaning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) articles. These articles are built around keywords, which should have a density around 2-4%. Keywords are what people around the world search through search engines therefore these articles generate traffic. Articles are the first step in placing a blog at the top of search engines like Google. In blogging, traffic means money. This is one of the few blogging tips to be remembered at every step of the process of creating a successful blog.

Furthermore in blogging tips, we advise every blogger to create backlinks for their website. It can take a while to learn how to make them by yourself so pay a professional to build them for

Blogging tips are useless if we don’t mention the terms social marketing, meaning the creation of accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Followers and friends are the path for generating even more
traffic, for making more and more people aware of your blog.

Another step in blogging tips is video marketing, meaning posting videos on YouTube, Metacafe, and search more sites of this kind and upload your videos on every one of them.
Blogging tips on this subject are: make accounts on these sites and attract viewers, who are more traffic, more presence in the online environment.

Blogging Tips on Monetizing Websites

If we refer to blogging tips about monetizing a website then we should remind readers that traffic is money. After establishing a steady traffic, owners can do everything with their website.
For analyzing your traffic create a free account with Google Analytics.

Owners can put AdSense on their websites and receive money each time a visitor clicks on an ad or opt for a CPA (Cost per Action) income generating alternative. Another great way to make
money, included in our blogging tips, is affiliate to various products; the income will represent the sales made by your website. Or simply sell advertising space on your blog; it is a simple way
to make easy money.

The last bullet on the list of blogging tips is: combine these methods of making money, juggle
with them and see which ones are the most suitable to your website and its visitors.

Written by Joshua

My name is Josh and I am no novice when it comes to blogging and forum management. I am the proud owner of a forum management blog named Admining. While I do mostly write about forums, I also write about blogging and SEO. You can follow me on twitter @OriginalJLogan, Circle me on Google+ and friend me on BlogEngage.