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Best Twitter tools Right now

Best Twitter tools Right now

Here are some Twitter tools to help you in marketing on Twitter!  There is no reason why with these tools you can’t become a Twitter dominator, with a bit of time and passion.

Desktop Clients

These tools are installed directly onto your desktop for ease of use and allow you to Tweet, DM, Reply, Organise, and use URL shortners etc..

Group Tweets

Tweet to a group of people or DM people at the same time.

Twitter Directories and Search

Helpful for building a little more authority and gaining new targeted followers, does not take long to add yourself.

Share Files, Pictures & Videos via Twitter

Promote and share files, pictures and images on twitter.

Mobile Clients

You may use these tools on your mobile device for Twitter on the go, makes for better ease of use then loading up the Twitter website in your mobile browser.

Tweet Schedulers and productivity and auto tweets

Schedule tweets for the best times of the day, or just save time by scheduling multiple tweets, or feed your blog posts/rss feed to Twitter.

URL Shortners

Twitter only allows 140 characters, as you will probably know, so we want to minimize the number of characters used as much as possible.  Shortening a URL will definitely help.

Twitter Backgrounds

A custom Twitter background can help you stand out from the crowd and drive more sales, (add promotional material to your backgrounds).

Follow managers, un-followers & list building

Twitter Fun

These Twitter tools are just for fun. You can send weird ASCII characters, tweet upside-down, even convert your tweet to pirate talk.

Twitter Statistics, graphs, analysis and evaluators

Run analysis on your followers and twitter accounts, useful for in-depth analysis.

Toolbars and addons for browsers

Twitter tools to make tweeting from within your browser so much more fun and easy.

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

  • Josh

    Excellent tools, I love that Twitter flip it!!!

  • Michael P.

    Another tool to add to the desktop clients is Pluggio (

  • ArrangedDeath

    Twitter is a tool. You don’t need a tool to use a tool.

    • Josh

      Ahh but it can be limited, these tools take it even further! and help you, by making Twitter easier to use.