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Biz Op2 – Start a business as an Ebook Publisher on Kindle

Biz Op2 – Start a business as an Ebook Publisher on Kindle

Ok, I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this because this biz op should be obvious to you and because if you are truly attuned to publishing books for your mum, dad, friends, colleagues or family you will jump right on it.

So, the old saying is “everyone has a book in them” and in the days of the digital revolution these words have never been truer. In fact many people have tons of books in them.

My dad for example fought for Britain in the Korean War.

Do you think he has a story to tell? You bet he does!

How about the story he has when he grew up in Dover and the Germans kept blowing houses up around him in the 2nd world war? Or the one where he made a ton of money on the horses when he was stationed in Singapore?

Everyone has a great story in them and so everyone has a great book in them and these books will of course be of interest to many other people who will be interested in purchasing your book.

So to start this biz-op, here are 4 easy steps.

1. Find people who have great stories and are willing to share them
2. Spend time with these people asking them questions and writing them down
3. Write these stories up into 10-20 page Word document and save as a PDF.. add the following sections:
Chapter 1: All about the person who lived the story (e.g you dad)
Chapter 2: Tell the reader about the actual experience (e.g what getting blown up felt like and what happened on that day
Chapter 3: What they did after the experience and where they are now

4. Find a nice image for the cover that supports this story and give the book a fantastically enticing title. Your title is all important because it is how searchers on or will find your book and be encouraged to purchase it.

In my dads case two keywords stand out:
For book 1 “Second World War”. Also “Dover in the war”
For book 2 “Korean War”. Also “British Artillery”

So for book 1 my title would
“How we survived the bombings in Dover in the Second World War”
Book 2 would be
“British Artillery : The day my Gun blew up in the Korean War”

So, create a PDF, cover image and book title. If you need help with ebook images go to and pay $5 for one.

Once you have the ebook in PDF form, ask the person who gave you the story to read it and give their opinion. It is important that you don’t publish anything they don’t like.

Tell them that you will give them 35% of the profit from selling the books and they should be happy. Profit means, “what is left over when all of the costs of making and distributing the book are paid off”.

If you are interested in becoming a book publisher, then I am interested in helping you to get your Ebooks published on all the major publishing platforms.

Just comment below if you need any further help.

Good luck with becoming an Ebook Publisher.


Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.

  • Josh

    You make it sound so easy! 😀

  • Stephen

    Hi Josh, apologies, but if anyone is interested in running this kind of business I will show them just how simple it really is. Only thing people won’t like about it is they have to get off their bum in order to make it work. lol
    All the best,

  • Jake Crosthwaite

    Teach me