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Biz Op3 – Running Promotional Campaigns for Events Organizers using downloadable flash games.

Biz Op3 – Running Promotional Campaigns for Events Organizers using downloadable flash games.

My day job is running promotions for an exhibition organiser and I’ve been trying to work out a way of getting more visitors to the exhibition we run.

So, I have a background as a video games producer with Codemasters and with mobile games testers with Babel Media.

So, I’m thinking, what kind of promotion can I run that will attract a lot of interest from visitors to the exhibition and that will also help generate a lot of interest and PR at the show?

So I decide that it makes perfect sense to licence a white label version of a flash games series here.

Now these flash games are great because I can take them and add the logo and branding of my employer in the game. so that when people play the game they create an association with my employers business.

At the end of playing i will get them to take action and enter a prize draw by clicking on a link which will load a landing page where they can enter their email.

Now, I will send an email to my contact list telling them to come play the games to have some pre-show fun and that they could win a nice prize that will be presented to them at the show.

I also blast out this offer to all my followers on social networks.

After about 1 month I will collect up all the emails, draw the winner out of the hat and email the winner to come to the Exhibition at a specific time where we will present the prize.

Now this attracts additional interest at the exhibition because visitors want to see who won the prize and they tend to crowd around the exhibition.

We also invite the press and others to take pictures of the prize winner which we publish on our blog and again email everyone on our list again and on our social networks.

So, if you are into computer games and see yourself as a promoter, perhaps you could get into running viral campaigns to promote events that use re-brandable flash games to attract attention and build publicity for your customer.


Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.