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Branding yourself for a job online.

Branding yourself for a job online.

When you applied for jobs in the past, it would have been as simple as checking on your CV to see what experience you had, getting in touch with your references to see if there are any who can give good information about you, and then giving you the job to see if you are suitable. Although this is largely still the case, and the majority of employers do still want to see CVs and interview candidates, the simple fact is that there is now something new could interfere with your chances of getting the job: the internet.


Google your name and home town.

If you do this, then this will give you a decent idea of what people might find if they were to search for you. Often, Facebook and Twitter profiles would appear, but there is also the chance that other websites would appear that you haven’t used for a long time. Have you got embarrassing posts on your Bebo from when you were 12? Dating profiles that describe you in ways which would be unfavourable with employers? If this is the case, then it is important that you take the time to get rid of any accounts that you don’t use anymore, as this means that you wouldn’t be able to find them. It is also worth remembering that image hosting websites are easy to find, and drunken photos aren’t the best introduction to a new boss.


Improve your Facebook privacy settings.

If you stop to think about the amount of information that you have on your Facebook account it can actually get a little scary. Not only is your full name on there, but everyone knows who you’re dating, who you’re friends with, who your family are, what you’re doing, and pretty much everything about your interests. Although you might be perfect happy to share this with your friends, you need to make sure that it isn’t being shared with people who are outside of this list. If you take the time to go into your privacy settings, you should find that you can set everything to be viewed by friends only. Doing this should mean that employers wouldn’t be able to check up on you. To check that this is the case, there is the option of seeing what your account would look like to the public. Doing this would put your mind at rest.

Your profile picture, however, is something that will most likely always be able to be seen. With this being the case, you should make sure that it is something respectable. Having fun with your friends is one thing, but if you put up a photo in which you’re obviously drunk, for example, then this would make you much less likely to find work.


Promote yourself.

The internet gives you the chance to let people know who you are, and what you’re about. If you have the time to do so, getting a blog might be beneficial to you. If you are a freelancer aiming to get more work then it is a good idea to blog about the things that you offer, and include a page of frequently asked questions so that potential clients could get answers. You should make sure that people can see that you’re genuine, and that they get information without being overloaded with things that they simply don’t need to know.

Although the internet can sometimes be quite dangerous with regards to what could be found, there is also the chance that you would be able to create a positive image of yourself, too, and this is certainly important when thinking about business.

Written by Gemma

Gemma is a 22 year old graduate in Psychology and freelance writer who has been writing online since she was 16.