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Building brand loyalty

Building brand loyalty

Brand loyalty can help increase your profits significantly and provide regular custom as well as bringing in new-custom from recommendations.

It is important to build brand loyalty to keep customers buying from you and not other business’s, and to encourage recommendation.  To keep people coming back to your website.

There are many ways that you can build brand loyalty, here we shall go through some of them:


  • Treat your customers individually, use online tools to personalise emails and user interaction
  • Give your regular customers discounts – twitter coupons (an example quite expensive but gives you an idea)  You could set up a facebook tab within your page with a similar thing, the idea is to reward those who follow you
  • Reward people who subscribe to your newsletter, or twitter with free giveaways, a good tool to do this is /
  • Discounts are a good way to make a fuss and make money at the same time.
  • Note, that often discounts are made at a loss to you, this is usually a calculated strategy that you may take to build a list of subscribers perhaps.
  • Give freebies to people who subscribe to your newsletter
  • Give discounts for people who “refer a friend” .
  • Aim to keep visitors on your website as long as possible, this does not mean ages and ages, but as long as you can keep the customer engaged, the longer you can do this, the more you can offer.
  • Listen to what your audience has to say, (looks cool too) very tidy in your sidebar, small script and powerful
  • Loyalty cards are a good example of brand loyalty, you can see these when going to supermarkets and collecting points every time you shop, there are in-fact plugins and tools available to hook up with forum software and wordpress whereby registered users can collect points for their interactions, perhaps it is an arcade site and the more games you play the more points you get, loyalty is widespread throughout online media, especially in FTP games (free to play).
  • A good live chat service can help to build brand loyalty
  • If you use a forum create a group for “trusted members” and give them extra benefits
  • If you don’t already consider starting a blog alongside your website that caters for your audiences interests.
  • Try to keep up with social media
  • To have brand loyalty you need to be credible
Brand loyalty is not always something you need to worry about when starting out, however it is something that you should be actively thinking about, to save energy, you may be able to get sales and visitors to your website but to save time and energy you should try to make them into a regular visitor, to do this you need to build brand loyalty.
A loyal customer is someone who is happy enough with your product or service to recommend it to friends and family, leave a testimonial and actively follow you on social media.  You need to think about how to achieve this, how can you convince people to comment on your articles and participate in your community, how can you get people to recommend your business?  Think about incentives, provide value provide a unique service people wont find elsewhere.
Good examples of brand loyalty are on YouTube, you may not have thought of it, but there are plenty of YouTube personalities who have dedicated fans, how do they do it?  Take a look at what they are doing and apply it to your website or business.
Maintain good customer service and a good product or service alongside some of these tips and you should be on your way.

Useful tools:

Zopim Live chat –

User Feedback –

Twitter coupons –

WordPress vouchers –

Create forms for sending free guides etc..

Create a newsletter – ,

Pay with a tweet –

Competwition (create twitter competitions is free) –

WordPress loyalty –


What are your tips for creating brand loyalty?


Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.