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Can you really build a business with £100?

Can you really build a business with £100?

Today we are living in a world with more technological advantages than any other generation behind us. We have more resources available to us than ever before and we’re literally connected to just about everyone on the planet through one or a cocktail of multiple online portals..


It’s an amazing time to create opportunity for yourself, but sadly there’s almost TOO much information available to us to be able to pick the right one to learn from, when it comes to building a successful business with little seed capital, and using the internet as a catalyst to do so.


20 years ago and beyond, creating a business was (I imagine- as I’m only 24) a different story.. The “internet” was still a very fresh and voodoo concept, and going into business meant a storefront, with employees and challenges that don’t have to exist in today’s business climate. What I mean by that is, is that 20 odd years ago, you’d have to have serious intent, with a solid plan, and a reasonable nest egg of seed capital to have a shot in hell of getting anywhere with a business.. And if you’re plans didn’t work, and you had to recreate yourself and your business, that was often a daunting and expensive process. TODAY however.. and I literally mean today- whilst I’m sure some would argue this, you can literally have a crack at something from home, in your pyjamas, without spending a cent and wind up making a buck or two within 24 hours.


One of the beautiful things about the internet in my opinion is that if you’re smart about it, you can really have a “safe” crack at something.. The internet is kind of like a set of training wheels for the curious “wantrapreneur” testing the water. There are outsource sites all over the place where you can create yourself a profile and work off of it immediately. These sites have an aggregate of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people posting contracts and job requirements. They’re there actively searching for contractors and consultants just like you to do everything from write blogs and articles, to social media marketing/management, web development, business consulting, graphic design and much more.


So can you really build a business that’s work over a £1,000+ with just £100? The answer is you can probably do it with a lot less. Working online is a beautiful opportunity because it gives you the ability to drive a business like never before.. Building an online work platform through simply outsourcing in itself is a business that allows you get a leg up with little to no overhead: bonus number 1. On top of that it allows you to expand your work portfolio to every corner of the globe: bonus number 2. Being an outsource consultant allows you to build up a profile for the world to see where you can justify your monetary value by the reviews and testimonials that you receive: bonus number 3. I could go on and on about why working from home, online, with your own business that costs you very little outside of an internet connection is a very viable concept, but I feel the message has gone through loud and clear..


So why do I know that this is possible? Well it’s simple.. when I suffered.. Wait let me rephrase that: when I (now) gratefully encountered one of my many setbacks that I have had as an entrepreneur, when I lost a great deal of my own money and half a year of my time I had to rebuild and do it quickly. I decided that whilst I organised myself for my next venture, I’d experiment with an online business and see how I went with it.. I jumped on an online outsource site, in this instance- I very quickly landed jobs from social media marketing, to creative writing via blogs and articles, marketing consulting, and even business and investor material design and execution to assist a US based client of mine with venture capital. I’ve now made far more than £1,000 online in a short space of time, and in doing so I’ve been able to rebuild and start reinvesting offline, back into other ventures of mine that were in my pipeline.


Working online is not only viable, it’s; to quote Oliver Neely: “a playground for entrepreneurship.” Working online will sharpen your skills, allow you to build a business with little to no overhead at first- at least until you build your online operation to the point of outsourcing the work that’s been outsourced to you (that’s another story..) and extend your network to all corners of the world exposing you to other opportunities.. Trust me.


Building a business online is underrated, extremely viable, and anyone can do it. It’s definitely with a punt, and you never know where it just might take you.

Written by Josh Smith

Speaker, presenter, author, go getter, and all round good guy. My passion above all is helping others get the wins they want in life. Live 2 learn live 2 teach.

  • Josh

    Great stuff Josh!
    Good conclusion 🙂 – YWB itself cost much less that £100 to start