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Challenge: Make an extra £2013 in 2013 – Anyone can take part

Challenge: Make an extra £2013 in 2013 – Anyone can take part

This is probably more relevant if you are a student or work part time because of the time involved or if you do not already have an established business.

The challenge

So the challenge is to make £2013 in 2013 or $2013 whichever you prefer although it is easier in dollars because $2013 in pounds is £1238.

Anyway this might seem quite hard but if you break it down monthly or daily it really isn’t all that much.

Lets break it down: £2013 monthly is £167/$167  £38/$38 a week and daily over a year is £5.50/$5.50 (both averages).

How can you take part?

You can take part by joining our challenge thread, you may create your own spreadsheet, or you can use our template and update your monthly total, come in the thread for support, ideas and chatter – Click here.

You do not have to set your goal as the full £2013, yours could be more, it could be less but it is a benchmark for everyone.

Get the excel sheet here.

How can it be done?

My suggestions are:

Set up some Fiverr gigs, or maybe one – definitely offer gig extras.

So on Fiverr we get $5 per gig, and I would recommend that you add “gig extras” these can go up in increments of $5, so it could be $10, $20 or more, ideas could be faster delivery.

Fiverr take a 20% cut which I still maintain is unjustified but that is just my opinion it’s pretty much industry standard, either way it does not stop people making decent money.

So we are left with $4 or £2.50, so we need to average 41 orders a month, or 64 if you are aiming to make £2013.  It is worth saying that Paypal take a small cut for handling your money as well but we wont worry with that for now.

If we are talking daily then we need basically 2 orders a day on average or if you want to look at it weekly then 14, not all that much really.  So how are we going to get to this stage?

There are some tips to selling on Fiverr here.  You can also get support on our forums.

Another alternative/addition to Fiverr (The more selling channels the better) is SEOClerks –

Have an eBay clearout

Have a clear-out of your unwanted stuff from your home (you can add this to your monthly total).

Swagging (Swagbucks)

I came across the best thread on Swaggling from everyone’s favorite money-saving website and Im no swagging expert so I will send anyone interested there:

Although I do not feel it worth the effort put in.  The thread author claims an average of £25/$40 per month and I think that takes quite some effort.  Link to thread.

More than anything I put this one here as an example of what not to do :) Surveys also are a nononono, they won’t get you far.

Create a social media page, blog or videos with Referly

Click here to read up on Referly and watch a video about it, a new site that lets you earn money for sharing products/services that you are interested in when people buy them, sure this is not any different to any other affiliate network?  Or is it?  –

Promote concert tickets/games/tech on Twitter:

Create a Twitter page to promote concert tickets, games, new tech products etc..

Just make sure to provide value to your followers such as news updates, tips, savings on products, voucher codes etc..

Create a trend website

Article coming soon…

More Ideas

Here is a a list of sites that pay you cash to get you started with some ideas –


If you have any suggestions for ways to reach the target please reply in the thread or reply here.


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Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

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