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Cheap effective ways to advertise

Cheap effective ways to advertise

So you’ve built this site that you really love and you want to get the word out, you want to get more users to your site, you’ve got a low budget so it’s a bit of a challenge.

How can you get cheap effective ways to advertise your site?

Lucky for you, this is the right place to come, good decision. Keep reading on..
Step 1.  Utilize social media – Social media is pretty much free, people will tell you they can get you xxx followers for £xx but they are probably fake or untargeted. So once you are set up on Twitter use, make sure to tweet out that little thing in the bottom right once you have signed up that lets you do 40 at a time.  Just find someone that is similar to you on Twitter, now you are going to kindly caress their followers over to your account, sort the followers by “last tweet date”, these are the guys that are more active, so click and hold shift. Click again where you see about 3 days maybe, depends. But don’t really go further then that because people start to get lazy and don’t interact.

Now wait until a day or two, you should see some have followed you back, say you follow 200 people (you can follow 1000 a day subject to the ratio of followers you have to how many you are following), you might get 50 followers in 2 days time.  These should all be quality targeted followers.

Next sign up to take advantage of their free money offer, use that $2 to buy some tweets about your site, (some good offers on there).


Step 2:  Put out a press release.

You can get someone on Fiverr or seoclerks to write it for you, or you can do it yourself.  There are some tips to this on our blog, just search “press release”.  You want to use an exciting title and now send this press release to relevant blogs/news media to your site, spend a day blasting out your amazing press release.  Just make sure to get your purpose and title right, why would people get excited over your news?  More importantly, is it newsworthy?

Take out a free trial at, find relevant blog owners and journalists to send your PR to.


Step 3: Promote on forums.

If you can find forums that have similar content to your own.  Here is a list of forums that allow promoting: Here is a list:


Step 4:  Run a competition.

Everyone love freebies and competitions!  Think what would people really want? You can use the forums in the link in step 3 to promote your competition, also look out in google for “Competitions submit”, to find competition sites, most of them let you submit your own competition, you just have to link back.


Step 5:  Build a list.

Many people make their living off just 1 email list.  Create a landing page with a really cool offer, like the competition.  Buy some cheap targeted traffic and send them to that page.   Try using:


Step 6: Get a fiverererererer to make you a cool video, or make one yourself.

You can get someone on to make you a cool promotional video. (These are often very good), for only $5, and if you want you can add $10 or another gig to get more features like HD etc.. Or get a cool promotional video on and get someone on fiverr or do it yourself and edit the video.  This video and the music came from videohive/audiojungle.


Step 7.  Create a social poll, use  Think of something controversial or something that gets people talking.


Step 8:  Run a viral campaign:


Step 9.  Create a controversial article and get people to link to you saying why they think you are wrong or right, invite people to comment etc..
Step 10.  Create a quiz with


Step 11. Interrupt a conversation in a forum and get people talking about you and your site. Make sure you have a good argument.

Good Luck! If you need any more tips do let us know in the forum or relpy here.


Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.