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Create a Conversation with Social Media Marketing

Create a Conversation with Social Media Marketing

Dust off that old thinking cap and create something fresh and exciting to draw in new clients through online sources. Although consumers have adjusted to a lifestyle that includes mobile devices, social media, email and the dearth of information found online, the saturation of content requires a little creativity to get the most impact on potential customers. Content is still a vital part of educating consumers and gaining attention online, especially when social media is involved.

Garnering Attention Through Social Media

Marketing on social media websites isn’t only about placing advertisements or giving followers special rates and deals on products or services. It’s also important to recognize the impact of the information provided on social media or a business website.

Content plays a key role in garnering attention through social media. What  a lot of marketers end up forgetting is  that social media is designed for online communication. Communication, even when online, is supposed to deliver information or entertainment of some sort.

Consumers and businesses use social media to educate and inform others, whether it’s about new foreign policies, new products or the latest cat meme. The only way to garner attention through social media outlets is by creating content that grabs the attention of potential clients and encourages them to share that information with others.

The content is the key to gaining the attention of consumers, whether it’s on a website or a social media outlet. states that roughly 92 percent of adult consumers read online content. The problem is that they tend to read content that interests them, and all too often, the things produced in marketing offices don’t cut it.

Effective social media requires involving consumers by providing creative, useful content that gains their attention. It’s effective because consumers will interact with it via social media and even share it with their friends.

Making effective use of social media requires involving consumers by providing creative content that gains attention and results in the creation of links back to the original source. The communication that the content is interesting results in gathering a larger audience over time.

Formatting Can Vary

Online marketing requires a focus on informative and creative content, but that doesn’t mean the formatting of the information needs to have a boring appearance. Creative formatting styles and using different types of formats can bring in a wider audience along with the information that is provided.

According to Jeff Bullas, making the information easy to digest can draw in consumers on social media website. By creating lists, giving short tips and using formats that are easy to read, consumers can appreciate that the information you’re giving them isn’t wasting their time. Furthermore, the use of infographics, images or interesting case studies that relate to the services will add depth to the information you’re providing.

Social media marketing requires creativity in several areas. The information and wording behind the content is only part of the draw. A format that is easy to read, interesting or that includes images will gain more attention and draw in more readers. Sometimes it’s best to bring in the pros to help out.

Join the Conversation

Online marketing through social media can invite consumers to add their own voice and content by encouraging interaction and joining the conversation. However, it should be a conversation. Don’t just announce things back and forth—create dialogue by commenting on their comments and maybe even creating content directly tied to their feedback.

Marketing with online tools requires a plan of action that focuses on creating content that draws the attention of potential clients. Although the best plan of action will vary based on the goals of the company, the marketing strategy should include creating content that gets customers talking. Shaping the marketing strategy around effective online communication, consumer involvement and fresh information will have a positive impact on the business.

Written by Dawn Altnam

About the author: Dawn Altnam lives and works in the Midwest, and she enjoys following the business tech world. After furthering her education, she has spent some time researching her interests and blogging of her discoveries often. Follow her on Twitter! @DawnAltnam