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Create an Easy Embeddable Forum with Tal.Ki

Create an Easy Embeddable Forum with Tal.Ki

A forum is a great way to engage and increase your website’s community, however, finding the best and easiest option is often quite difficult. It’s hard to find a forum that’s hosted for free and fits the design of your site, that’s where Tal.Ki comes in. This free piece of code will embed a fully fledged forum into any page on your website.

The service is available at no cost, but if you’re hoping for your community to expand, you’re going to need to think about upgrading to one of their paid plans, which are extremely affordable still, at the mere price of $5 for a month. The free option giving you access to unlimited posting a members, 15 recent topics and 5 sub-forums.

If you should choose to upgrade your forum, you’ll get your hands on unlimited topics and sub forums, aswell as the option to search, upload images and create private sub-forums.

What probably impressed me the most about Tal.Ki is how snugly it fits into your current website’s design. The service features clever technology that will adapt to the current design of your website, meaning you won’t have to go poking around altering the design and code. Tal.Ki will also allow your members to sign into your forum with their existing account from Facebook, Twitter or just about every other social network.

Furthermore, the Forum software has the option to promote users to moderators and admins etc along with all the other forum features you’d expect. If you’re looking for a super easy forum for your website to get your community talking, look no further than Tal.Ki.

Written by Josh M-J

I started building websites at the age of 12, I am now an extremely respected Video Games and Technology Journalist. I currently work with some extremely big names, such as Nintendo and others.