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How to create killer Facebook posts

How to create killer Facebook posts

If you aren’t on Facebook, chances are your competitors are…  The types of people on Facebook is almost endless so chances are you’re going to find your target market soon enough.  Now lets say you’ve got yourself a Facebook page for your business and you have a bunch of followers, it’s important to remember that any number of followers is an excuse to create content.  If you start producing content for 50 followers they might well share that content with their friends and furthermore it gets you in the habit of posting every day/a few times a week.


What to post?

  • Try to post a mix of content
    • Competitions (consider
    • Exclusive discounts for Facebook fans (voucher codes, sales pages etc..)
    • News relating to your industry from authoritative sources, I.E. big name newspapers
    • Thank your fans for reaching fan page milestones (consider giving something away)
    • Video that “connects” with people, video’s that have meaning such as an inspiring story (Think about what type of video you or your friends might share on your feed).
    • Relevant resources – People like value, they like to feel they are getting something in return for liking your fanpage
    • Ask your fans to shape your product/service – People like their voice being heard and sharing their ideas, give your fans the opportunity to help shape your brand..

People reward value, if they feel they are getting something that will benefit them they will like it.


This post gives less value to fans but is more about helping Adobe out, you’ll notice the difference in likes + shares. This isn’t to say that brands shouldn’t ask for their fans help..  

How to post?

  • Try to include images with your posts as much as possible, people notice images a lot more than plain text.  How often do you stop to look at an image over a text post on your Facebook feed?
  • Make sure these images are relevant, if possible unique to you and if possible include your branding somewhere, you want to reinforce your brand as much as possible, remember social media is about making and maintaining relationships with your customers/target audience.
  • Don’t be a robot! – Try to be personable with your fans, be friendly and above all be human.
  • Entice comments – Finishing your posts with a question can help your fans to feel more connected with you, just like they may comment on a friends wall.
  • Shorten links – Long links are a waste of space and unsightly, always consider using or another link shortening service to keep your posts tidy and short.



Do check your posts!

Try to avoid mistakes at all costs, especially on a regular basis.  An important part of brand relationships is trust, people want to know that you are a serious and professional individual/business and this will show through your posts.



Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.