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Creating trend/seasonal websites

Creating trend/seasonal websites

A lot of people don’t always work on just one site, but work on 10’s of them.  They keep their eyes open for what the latest trends are, create a mini-site and promote it a few months before a certain event. (This is very important), in terms of search engine ranking or social media you really need to give it a bit of time to move up the rankings or gain a following before the time of the event.


So for example say that you are looking to create a website for Christmas, perhaps there is a new toy out that there has been a lot of buzz around.  You decide that you will set up a “mini-site”, around 1-6 pages you just want high quality and targeted content to this one toy, perhaps you might have a page for reviews, a page for videos of the product, a page that shows the best places to buy the product.

How are we going to make money from this “mini site”?  The answer is to once you have the visitor to the website to monetize that visitor through one of a few options.  I have included two but there are many, many more.

Affiliate marketing –  As mentioned in the video affiliate marketing is a great way to direct people to places they can buy products and/or related products, perhaps you could find the product at the best price, maybe you could find voucher codes etc..  You promote the product and if people buy you get paid a commission, e.g. 5%.  Imagine that you have a forum for the new Iphone and the iPhone costs £500, in this case it’s probably not 5% but off the top of my head commission for phone contracts can be anything from £30-£80 or more.  Think how much you could make!

Affiliate networks you can use are:

Adsense or similar ads – Adsense and other ad networks can be optimised to your websites specific content, there are intact scripts that can aid Adsense and other ad networks to try to display page content specific ads rather than site specific ads, for example you might write an article about a new Super Mario game and on that same page might be an amazon or Gamestation ad where readers can click through to buy the game, in the case of Adsense this is likely to be PPC (Pay per click) so they do not even have to buy the product for you to make money.  Or it may be a related product, maybe they do not even have to buy anything, the idea is to create the site such that the ads seem seamless and are as beneficial to the reader as possible.



Examples of trend websites

A new game is coming out in a few months time, you could create a forum to encourage people to “gossip” about the game, talk about what they want to see in it, what might be in it, what the other games in the series were like and how it might compare.  The idea then is well, this game is not out yet and all of these visitors are going to be buying it so your job as the website owner is to direct them to where they can buy it.  Draw people in from social media websites, perhaps upload pictures to your website, pictures that have tags (keywords) can generate 1000’s hits from search engines.

Some top examples of trend forums:

  • Black ops forum
  • Cod forum
  • Halo forum
  • Iphone forums
  • Android forums
  • Tablet forums

Examples of trend websites/blogs

  • Films
  • Games
  • Bands
  • Toys
  • Concert tickets
Ofcourse it is not limited to these, they are just some ideas that spring to mind.

For any support in creating a trend/seasonal website and making money from it please do not hesitate to reply here or join our forums.


Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.