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David Cameron: Talk like a poor man, become the poor man of Europe?

David Cameron: Talk like a poor man, become the poor man of Europe?

So, it’s not good to mix business with politics they say and here I am mixing business with politics lol.

But anyway, you can’t fix the economy if you don’t concentrate on the source of the problem and in my view the source of the problem is a concerted campaign by this government to constantly talk our country down for seemingly no good reason.

So i’ve spoken quite a bit in the past about this governments negative PR campaign and how what they say, is having a negative impact on the motivation of the people in our country.

If there were some good reason to it, then the government could most certainly be forgiven. But we are seeing almost no growth, no significant fiscal savings, massive unemployment (particularly youth unemployment) masked by underemployment, the gap between the rich and poor widening and standards dropping across the board.

Well, standards dropping for the bottom half of our society anyway.

My point here is that if the people at the top of the country continue to talk about recession, austerity and such like, they are effectively serving to condition the people toward a frenzy point of demotivation.

If they continue to spread bad news, then our once great nation will become bad news.

Start visualising growth, start talking about growth and stop talking our country down into the ground!

Mrs Thatcher would be turning in her grave to hear such negative clap trap!

Get positive, or get out Mr Cameron.


Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.