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Deliver Content with

Advertising new content across multiple social media accounts can sometimes be a pain, but there are many sites that can make it slightly easier to alert your followers, fans, etc of new content. Some of the most popular sites would include Ping.FM, Seesmic and Onlywire, but as of late I have found myself to be very comfortable and happy with the service. Even though allows synchronization to some of most used social media places such as tumblr, facebook, twitter, and linkedin; It is still currently lacking the one social media site that I use most…google+. So far that has only been the only problem with the service, but I’m sure that many people will still be happy with being able to synchronize with the “normal” social media sites.

So, you might be wondering what is different about that you can’t get from somewhere else. Well, my main love falls around the fact you can edit feed content to be posted differently depending on where the post is going. For example, when I have a feed item sent to Admining’s twitter account I have it set to automatically include hashtags and “New Post:” in front of the tweet, but when the content is posted on Facebook I include a summary of the post with a link. It’s very basic stuff, but I like my synchronized content to look a little different on each service that it’s posted on.

Another awesome feature is the stats tracking. You can see how people are interacting with the content you are sending from your feed to your social media profiles. The most enjoyable stat feature is the section where you can see how many people are following and unfollowing you daily, this also includes people who are liking or un-liking your page. This can be used to see if people are enjoying what you’re posting or if they are being bothered by the content being posted, because sometimes people don’t like it when their feeds are being crammed with links. That’s why I also recommend you still send out “custom” tweets on a daily basis and don’t just fill your accounts with links. also allows you to track how many people are clicking the links you’re sending out, even if you are using your own custom link shortning service!

Overall, is a great service if you’re looking to post content to all your social media profiles. What service do you guys use to synchronize feeds post to your social media accounts or do you still do it manually?

Written by Joshua

My name is Josh and I am no novice when it comes to blogging and forum management. I am the proud owner of a forum management blog named Admining. While I do mostly write about forums, I also write about blogging and SEO. You can follow me on twitter @OriginalJLogan, Circle me on Google+ and friend me on BlogEngage.

  • Oliver

    Nice one, I had been using TwitterFeed although this seems to be more robust.

  • Stephen

    Very nice article Josh.
    never heard of before.
    Will check it out.