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Ditching AdSense, Looking at the Alternatives

Ditching AdSense, Looking at the Alternatives

Advertising powers the internet, how else do you think that websites are able to make money and keep running? To the newcomer to the advertising scene, Google’s Adsense appears to be the only option when monetizing your website. However, there really are other options, Young Web Builder have put together our favorite…


Unruly Media (

For me, the only option to start with are Unruly Media. I have worked with them for a number of years now, in monetizing my content. In my eyes, Unruly Media continue to remain as the top option when it comes to advertising. They aim to provide better niche concentrated content and pay their publishers alot more than Google do with AdSense. They operate through video campaigns, which run for a set time and publishers place this video on their website. Publishers then earn a set amount for each view that the video gets. It’s extremely simple!

Unruly Media work with some of the biggest names, such as Nintendo, Sony and EA. They’re able to offer content for almost any website, so I completely recommend them as your first look.


BuySellAds (

BuySellAds are great because of the freedom that they offer their publishers. Publishers simply list their website on BuySellAds and select the fee that they wish to charge advertisers. It’s a much easier approach to selling advertising space directly, and the cut of the funds that they offer publishers is considerably very fair.

What I loved about BuySellAds is that it offers the freedom that selling ad space yourself does, whilst the whole process is made alot easier by a service that could be considered to be much like Google’s AdSense. BuySellAds is well worth looking at if you’re looking for that step further in advertising. ( is quite simple on the surface, there’s really not all that much to it, you come with ad space, you leave with that ad space filled and you make money.  The user interface is as simple as that, no fluff, behind that however the ad network is very powerful with “’s Page-level precision targeting”. is part of the “Bing/Yahoo” network, you could say as two of the biggest search engines in the world after Google is a pretty safe bet.

The stats are pretty simple enough for anyone to understand, if you want serious depth then you should probably look at using your own external tracking software.   Favorably though pays based on impressions and doesn’t require click performance.

The only downside is you do not have an automatic right to register to, you must request for an invite. Once you are in however it is less of a case of one strike you’re out like our friends over at Google.



Self Sold

Whilst selling advertising space directly isn’t the easiest option by far, it will work out best in the long run. Selling your advertising space directly will most certainly earn you the most income. This is because, a commission isn’t taken like it would be from any other service.

This way of selling advertising space is a little more difficult, but all you really need to do is advertise that you’re selling advertising space, let an advertiser contact you by an include email address, then haggle to price of advertising up as high as possible, before allowing the publisher to pay for their advertising by PayPal. That’s quite a simple way that you can sell your own advertising space, but it will earn you money.


In conclusion, we haven’t really highlighted a large number of AdSense alternatives here, that’s because we believe that these are the best refined solution. If you’re still using AdSense, we really do recommend that you look elsewhere, either one of these options or somewhere else for that matter.

Written by Josh M-J

I started building websites at the age of 12, I am now an extremely respected Video Games and Technology Journalist. I currently work with some extremely big names, such as Nintendo and others.

  • Is Unruly Media only applicable to video?
    I tried BuySellAds for a time, but couldn’t seem to sell the ad spaces because my niche is very…well, niche.