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Earning Money From CAPTCHA, on Your Site (Solve Media)

Earning Money From CAPTCHA, on Your Site (Solve Media)

Did you know that you can actually earn money simply by implementing a new security feature? CAPTCHA images allow a smart system to prevent bots and spammers from joining your website, or engaging with your site’s community. However, there is a unique system that allows you to earn money by implementing advertisements into this security system. It is hardly a hassle for your members, the advertisers remain happy, and you earn money. Plus, with Solve Mediathis system is actually harder for spammers to ‘beat’ than the regular assortment of letters and numbers are! 

If you’re still skeptical, or want to earn money with CAPTCHA images, keep reading. First I’ll tell you all about Solve Media and how you can join up for their unique service. Oh by the way, did I mention that their system is completely free for you to use?

Solve Media connects advertisers and website owners in a unique way that is beneficial to everyone. Without forcing webmasters to display ads on their site, site administrators can easily make money through Solve Media’s system. When prompted by anti-spam security, the end user is required to either watch and ad or type in a brand’s name in order to prove that they are not a spammer. This is very similar to forcing a user to type in letters in an image (ex: A39 DJNo). However, these advertisements not only let users know of cool products, they are also much easier to understand than characters in images (that are often hard to read).


How to Sign Up

  • Sign up at Solve Media. Sign up here.
  • Configure your website. Essentially, you need to allow Solve Media to connect with your site so it can produce advertisements for your website’s visitors. They don’t have access to your files, as they use a unique API.
  • You can also change settings that alter the security system’s difficulty level, your site’s name/URL, and more options.

You can configure as many websites as you want.


Reasons to Join

For one, Solve Media does not ruin your site’s design, layout, or overall experience. In fact, (as mentioned above) Solve Media makes it easier for users to engage with your website and community. Here are some other awesome factors to consider:

  1. Every time a user signs up to your website, you are making money. Think about how many members are on your website now, or another website you enjoy. Imagine if they made a little bit of money for each member! The earnings would be impressive, for sure. You can have this, for free.
  2. Solve Media is trusted and used by countless websites and administrators. The system is, by now, recognizable/familiar and easy to understand (for the end-user).
  3. The system is easy to work with, not requiring hours of editing or years of technical experience.

As you can see, Solve Media can be the perfect solution if you wish to make money on your site. Throughout this entire process, you should know that you are the ‘publisher’, in their terminology. If you would like to seek advertising opportunities with Solve Media, you can check out their advertising options or check out which companies have used Solve Media. You can view them here – the list includes McDonalds, FedEx, Toyota, YellowPages (YP), Volkswagon, and many more!

As a publisher, you should consider the fact that if reputable companies such as Sony and JP Morgan & Chase are using Solve Media, then there must be a ton of happy webmasters allowing those premium companies to advertise their products. Simply put, Solve Media has the tools, history and future to manage multiple websites that allow webmasters (and you) to earn a good amount of money, without doing anything once it’s all set up!


Written by Will Passmore

Will Passmore is a freelance writer, entrepreneur and a 19 year old guy heading to college in the Fall. He currently works for multiple websites, creating content, and also has a few projects of his own. His latest endeavor is creating a Minecraft server, and a supporting website.