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£100 Challenge Launch

£100 Challenge Launch

Contact: Oliver Neely




In Tough Economic Times, Young, Bright, Talented Web Entrepreneur; Oliver Neely Continues to Develop Exciting and Enticing Ways of Showing People How to Actually Earn a New Way of Living £100 at a Time.

As Europe battles with record high unemployment rates, young web entrepreneur Oliver Neely has put forward a UK challenge to get his peers thinking differently when it comes to making a living. Innovating upon Peter Jones’ (“BBC’s Dragon’s Den”) original concept behind the “Tenner Tycoon” initiative for young people, hoping to instil entrepreneurship in schools. Oliver Neely and his team at Young Web Builder have created their own opportunity “The £100 Challenge.


The campaign that boasts “no barrier to entry” no case of “right place right time”. The challenge focuses entirely on contenders earning money from the outset of day 1. There is a clear gap in the intent and execution of building enterprising, young entrepreneurs within the UK schooling system which Youngwebbuilder has set out to bridge. Projects like “Tenner Tycoon” throughout 2011 shook loose a demand in the UK for an entrepreneurial learning experience to come to life and breed a new economy.


It’s no secret that right now in the UK, unemployment is a hot topic with the UK set for a triple dip recession. But Young Web Builder co-founder and creator Oliver Neely has a fresh approach to earning a living: “There is a common assumption that one can make money online by putting little effort in, the truth of the matter is that you will go around and around in circles with that mind-set. The web is a playground for entrepreneurship.”

The online revolution has been exponential, the world has watched “gurus” who’ve gone out and made millions through “blogs” and internet marketing fads but the trick doesn’t lie in a short cut, or stroke of luck. It comes down to a strategic approach to setting up online operations, through processes that have been over complicated by people wanting to make “not so secret,” trade secrets about making money online; hard to grasp for the general masses. Young Web Builder is out to change that.


Oliver Neely: “A few decades ago people were setting up businesses on every street corner, but the world has changed and technology is the driver behind that change. I believe that through a new education, an entrepreneurial education, we can show people of all ages new and exciting ways to create a living and enhance their abilities as professionals outside of the internet too.. and it all starts with the £100 challenge at YoungWebBuilder.”


Have you been inspired by the concept of earning a living online? Do you feel it’s time to unleash your inner entrepreneur? Check out the £100 Challenge today for your chance to get involved in the project that’s set to change the face of entrepreneurialism in the UK and the web worldwide. was set up in 2012 by 20 year old entrepreneur Oliver Neely and co-founder Stephen Ryan 49 who through his 25 years of experience with major companies

like BBC, IBM, and Codemasters built his own successful software company

to £2.5million. averages 20,000 unique visitors each month who come to learn from Oliver and his writers who teach entrepreneurial and business strategy.

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Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.