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Falling into the trap of online scams and how to avoid them

Falling into the trap of online scams and how to avoid them

Best way to NOT fall into an on-line scam is to take everything pushed at you as an on-line scam. That way you will never be taken in by them.

Now, the good thing about taking this negative position is that you never get burn’t, but there is a downside. When you close the door on risk, you also close the door on opportunity.

“If you put the phone down on every caller, sure you will be cutting out the noise from the ruthless, cunning sales people, but you might also be missing an opportunity to learn from them and perhaps develop your own business skills.

So, the best position of all to take is to allow the scammers to engage you, so you learn from them, but never let them influence you to buy from them. Absorb their positive energy , learn their ways, run with their influencing tactics, right up to the point where you have learnt enough about them, then you can say a big fat NO.

You want to learn from scammers because the more you learn about them the more you are protected from them.

So watch them play their games, don’t get absorbed by them, just watch how they target, influence and attack.

Then you will see every pattern of scam and game out there and this will make you a much smarter, more wily business person.



Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.