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Forget the Government – Start building your own future

Forget the Government – Start building your own future

I have spent the last 30 years in employment, some of the time working for myself, some of the time working for others. I started work in the Thatcher years in the early eighties, worked through two conservative terms of office and one Labour government.
In all those years there has been unemployment in this country and under this current government there has never ever been so many young people unemployed.

Over the past 4 years we have seen the global economy go from boom to bust, where the bail out culture for the rich and famous has taken hold, effectively replacing a capitalist model that was based on free market forces with one where only the wealthiest, strongest, most cunning survive and to hell with the rest of the population.

Its a society where a poor man loses everything and the rich man gets to offset his risks by conjuring up a trick or two to move his earnings off shore.

It’s a time where it is business as usual for the largely disaffected rich and “we are all in it together for the poor”

What we are witnessing is the birth of a new world order, a power struggle amongst the ruling classes of the world, where the fallout is largely going to fall on the poorer classes.

Our government, which ever government from which ever party is largely incapable of leading effectively in such chaos. A British politician today is a shadow of what they were 30 years ago. Everywhere, they are compromised, either by Europe, the Americans, the media, global corporate fat cats and the like.

Ian Duncan Smith MP, minister of the DWP may have the desire and vision to get every person in this country back to work, but the constraints and forces against him succeeding mean he has no more chance of succeeding than any of his predecessors.

Which is why you must listen to what I am going to say very carefully.

In order for a young person to succeed you have to stop seeking handouts from the British Government. Sure, take what they give you whilst you are starting out, but don’t build your future expecting Government or anyone else to bail you out.

Bailouts are for people of privilege and the wealthy and you don’t need to be that weak.

Here at we are grey hats. When one of us falls, the others are there to pick them up. We are innovators, technologists and action takers. We are always looking for new ways of making money and ways of improving our minds. We don’t need to live in cosy spaces so long as we have a laptop and an internet connection. We crawl around the web looking at trends, identifying markets, building websites and generating income.

We can live in rags so long as there is a laptop and internet connection. We meet in public places with coffee and listen to each others stories.

To make it in the new world order, you need to be realistic, you need to be open minded and you need to be free to be smart and get ahead.

So forget about those who will tell you about the old ways of thinking, old ways of doing and join us in building a future within the up and coming New World Order!


Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.