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FREE Powerful Facebook Post Editor

FREE Powerful Facebook Post Editor

If Facebook is part of your digital campaign, this is a must have tool, it’s a little known tool called the “Facebook power editor”. It used to be a Chrome plugin but can now be accessed at the below link, (requires Google chrome to view).

What exactly does the power editor provide?

The power editor allows you to make use of all post features available that are not always available from the standard page admin. You can preview posts before you publish them, schedule posts, add call to actions such as “shop now”, “download”, “book now”, there is no doubt that these buttons can significantly improve your engagement, as well as the additional flexibility to edit your post titles, display URL’s etc..   What’s even better is that the power editor is the first to get beta features before the standard fan page admin.  Sadly though one of the only downsides to the tool is that there is no edit option once you have created a post, but at least you don’t have to publish it if there is a typo or other mistake!

Example of a post you could create:



Lets get started..

So you can see below I can choose from a standard “link, photo, video or ordinary status” for my post, as well as an offer, now offers are a part of Facebook advertising but with the power editor you can create them anyway and publish them to your fans for no cost (you just don’t get the advantage of the extra paid promotion), same formatting though.

You can see the options I have available, the URL I want to promote, the post text, link headline, display link and at the bottom whether I want the post to be a paid ad or simple organic post.



Lets get to publishing

When you decide to publish your post you can either “publish now” or choose to schedule it for a later date and time.



Try it out for yourself and you’re sure to love it and start seeing an improvement in your post engagements.



Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.