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Friend of the Dragons, speaks out on money

Friend of the Dragons, speaks out on money

Some people were asking me how i made money on-line in the past and i was kind of taken back when they asked.

Reason I was taken back was I never really analysed why I made it, just that I made it.

They were saying, did you make it through adsense, affiliate commissions, ebooks, website flipping,  what what what??

Well i have to admit, my answer to this is Yes and No.

Yes, because i have made quite a few dollars on-line in affiliate commissions, adsense and e-books.

But no, because I made most of my money, by convincing other people to give me money.

They gave me money because they believed I could make them money.

They invested millions of dollars in me, because they knew they would get a higher return on investment.

They trusted in me, because i showed them that what i knew about the internet was going to give them power.

People believe that there are two road to take to make money  :-

A. The road to money lies in what you know!  Partly Right!

B. The road to money lies in who you know! Partly Right!

But the road I myself took was to combine both A and B above. Completely Right!

I took time to first learn the “what you know” and then sought out the “who you know”.

Learn to be the best in your particular area of expertise, then take the time to identify the people who will pay you for what you know. Think Mozart, think Einstein, Think Beckham, Think Lionel Messi, Think Bill Gates, Think Google.

Find influential people and show them you can add significant value to their business, by building the coolest websites  and apps on the planet for them and you won’t just be a Young Web Builder, but a wealthy Young Web Builder.

It has been done before, so go replicate that advice.

Here’s to your success!


PS. If you were wondering about the reference to Dragons Den. I put it there to attract your attention, but I am in fact a friend of Rachel Elnaugh, ex CEO of Red Letter days and a Dragon investor in the first series of BBC’s Dragons Den.

Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.