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From Facebook Page to Queen of Coupons – Emma Mumford

From Facebook Page to Queen of Coupons – Emma Mumford

I recently caught up with Emma Mumford self confessed coupon queen, and quite rightly too.. Having saved an overwhelming £540, on her Christmas shop just last year.

Emma has achieved a lot in in the past 12 months, so I was keen to talk to her and find a little more about what she does and how she got to where she is now.

Extreme Couponing

At just 20 years of age Emma Mumford is owner to her own business.  Earning herself a living, doing what she really enjoys, promoting money saving offers to her 46,000 Facebook fans and website visitors.  In her own words.. She couldn’t be happier.. Though just this time last year for Emma was a very different story.

Following a spout of anxiety & depression Emma found herself dropping from a top job as banking manager to an 8 hour per week sales assistant job.  This is where she discovered her talent for money savings and thanks to support from friends and family her savings her page “Extreme Couponing & Deals UK ” has grown from strength to strength.

I caught up with the Queen of Coupons to learn more about her story, what drives her and how she went from a simple Facebook page to running her own business.


Oliver – You were working in retail sales before you started your fan page, what inspired you to start the page? More importantly how did you go about starting it?

Emma – I worked at Lloyd’s last year as a banking manage, I was only 19 and it was an exciting adventure for me. I had worked in sales previously so was keen to try a more customer based role. Sadly though things in my personal life weren’t great with my ex, I ended up taking on his debt and I got I’ll very quickly from the stress.

I’ve always been a happy full of life girl, so to have depression and anxiety it was a horrible part of me life. I had no support from my partner at the time so I reclused very quickly. I was forced to leave my job at the bank and joined Next as I could only bare 8hrs a week, which is when I found couponing. It quickly became apparent I had a real talent and was prompted by many fans to start the page. Now only 10 months later here I am with 46k followers, a website, my own blog and living my dream running my own business. I have such a supportive new partner and family, I’m so grateful.


That’s incredible, you’ve managed so much in such a short space of time, have you always been business minded? Did you ever envisage yourself running your own business?

Emma – My Dad has always been self employed and I remember from a young age packing the products and helping him, so I feel he has been my biggest inspiration, I can always ask his advice.

I’ve always had a bit of a entrepreneur in me, up selling my fancy rubbers in the classroom. I ran my own nail business for a while when I was 18 which I really enjoyed but nails just aren’t for me! I prefer being self employed, I’m so creative and focused and I’ve found I can really be myself with my couponing which I love.


I understand that you continued working part-time while running Extreme Couponing, how did you deal with the growth and managing the page?

Emma – I did as I left next in May it was okay at first I had some lovely admin Francesca and Stacey help me out but over time the demand grew and I knew I wanted out of next. I took a big leap without any financial banking or secured income and dedicated every hour to the page and creating the website and it’s really grown from there.


Not long after starting your page you received a huge amount of attention following your amazing haul of over £600 worth of Christmas shopping for just £99. How did you cope with this surge of attention?Emma_Coupon_Queen_2

Emma – It was really surreal doing the article was great fun and seeing your face in a national paper is really surreal. My parents were so proud and that’s what made all the pain previously worth it knowing I was finally doing well again and people appreciated the hard work I put in over the 3 months.

Since then it’s all been a whirlwind everything has fallen in place and it’s great knowing everyday I’m helping people that’s what makes me proud and worth it.


That’s an incredible achievement being endorsed by national newspapers, it must have been a huge encouragement to you continuing forwards.  Were there ever times when you doubted you would make it or anything that you felt could hold you back? How did you deal with these?

Emma – It was a real big moment for me and I remember thinking this was the plan, karma was finally on my side. I got bullied a lot in school and in my working years, it really knocked me, but knowing I’ve achieved this and helping so many people makes me feel that it’s all been worth it and they were just jealous!

My ex used to tell me all the time I would never make it and that I was worthless and only worthy at next so I feel it’s a big two fingers up to him! Sadly some articles done on me have come across quite badly and I do get a lot of negative comments, however I’ve managed to stay strong so just remember not to believe all that you read in the papers! 

I also have my partner Mitch to thank, he’s my website guru and he’s done a lot for me, he’s taught me so much.


So, what’s your typical working day like now you work for yourself?

Emma – My typical working day is quite boring at the moment as I’m by myself in the office I’m all by my lonesome! So I’m dedicating my full working day to content, the website, making connections to grow the business and putting up some fab competitions for my followers!

Then Crazy coupon lady Anastasia will come over and we’ll go for a coupon shop, a nice end to the day to add to the stockpile. That’s the only thing about the business ruling my life at the moment I have no time to do massive hauls.


How do you keep focused working at home? It must be tough especially as you’re working with Facebook! 

Emma – It is really tough to stay focused but I’m so passionate about what I do and finding the best deals for my followers that’s enough motivation for me!


Would you recommend starting a Facebook page for anyone looking to start an internet business? I know you have just recently put together a website however it must be a lot easier without having to worry about web hosting, managing the website etc.

Emma – Oh yes! Facebook is a great start up free advertising and it’s easy to be found! I couldn’t of had the amount of followers or reach without it. It’s really helped get the business out there.

I really do think so starting small has let me grow at my own pace with thanks to the press and leaving next ive been able to tailor my plan to suit me.


What would you say is the most important tip for someone looking to build a fan following on Facebook?

Emma – My best top tip is be patient Rome wasn’t build in a day. Be inter active with your followers, post regularly and run competitions all are fab ways to get new followers


Last question: What app can’t you live without and why?

Emma – Ahhh, that’s such a tough one! I really want to say Instagram I love sharing my photos as I’m a keen photographer but sadly I can’t live without Facebook. I hate it but because of the pages I’m forced to love 


Any parting words..?

Just for anyone hoping to start their own business, it’s not easy but it’s the greatest achievement. Take risks it’s okay to stumble if it doesn’t work try again you’ve learnt a great lesson. You know your own capabilities to be great and be successful don’t let anyone stand in your way.

Great advice Emma! Thank you very much for your time, I wish you the best of luck with your new website, I’ve no doubt you will reign as Coupon Queen for many years to come! 


Let Emma Coupon Queen help you save money, get cool freebies and lots more…

You can visit Emma’s website Extreme Couponing & Deals UK, like her Facebook page or follow her on Twitter.


Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

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    Great article. Emma is a star!