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Gaining Social Fans With YouPlusLike

Gaining Social Fans With YouPlusLike

Recently there has been a rush to set up the next big social productivity site.  I took the time to take a look at one of them founded by young entrepreneur Dillon Brooks 17, founder of YouPlusLikes, Adminpeak, Webmasterpeak, and promoter for Seoclerks and Forumclerks.  Dillon is definaltey one to watch and you can always expect the best from his sites.  (There is a coupon at the bottom of this review).


I have tried several exchange sites in the past so I had an idea of what to expect when I came across YouPlusLike, I really liked the ability to add and manage all of your social sites:


The site is really nice to use, it gives you all the information you need as regards your Twitter/Facebook/Pintrest campaigns.

YouPlusLike allows you to easily choose a site to earn “coins” from, to spend on your sites to get Free Twitter Followers, Facebook likes etc.., it even has an auto surf so you don’t even have to click anything just let it surf through the sites available.  For a lot of sites it is one of the best ways to give you a little boost, although not entirely targeted although if you are a new website there is not much you can do about it if people don’t know you, a site like YouPlusLike will help you to get that extra boost you need to start getting natrual targeted followers.   As you know people wont like or share something that no has no followers!

What sites does YouPlusLike work for?

  • Pintrest
  • Youtube subs
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • LinkedIn
  • Tweets
  • Soundcloud

The real strength of YouPlusLike comes from it’s strong network and dedication, there are around 900 active and dedicated members to the site Primarily exchanging in Twitter and Facebook, there are plenty of other exchange sites on the internet with owners who put them up and don’t tend to them, there are regular coupons to earn free coins to spend on your social sites and sometimes promotions for the other sites in their network.

What I like about these social exchange sites is that for example at the bottom of the page on YouPlusLike there are often special offers to other relevant social sites that you won’t find so easily searching manually, so it often pays to keep your eyes pealed at any cool special offers you might see.

I did come across a few errors while browsing the site, however considering the many sites that are managed it is not such a surprise, these were very minor however everything worked very smoothly, I have tried several exchange sites in the past and this is one of my favourite.   There is room for improvement in the YouTube views section, I came across some videos such as “PhotoshopKeygen”, which should be filtered out if possible.  I also don’t like sites that display a “Facebook page” that does not exist, which I saw in the footer.

YouPlusLike is very honest about it’s userbase and you can see for yourself who is active in what parts of the site: Definately admire that and a very helpful feature when deciding on what to use to earn coins.

I found a coupon on their Twitter which added 500 coins to my account: this may become expired soon I don’t know however that saved me about 10 minutes work or more so it is a good way to test out the quality of the followers/likes you receive.  Although I asked the owner of the site and he gave me 50 unique codes to give away, if you would like one they are worth 500 coins each, please follow and Tweet us @youngwebbuilder we will DM you, or sign up on our forum.


If you happen to have the skill for it, there are plenty of cool banners like the one above to earn coins from, you get 50 coins per referral.

I have to be honest and say that for Twitter there are better ways such as Tweepi (Twitter Only Site), to gain targeted natural followers, the “Tweet” option though, cannot be found on Tweepi, however for everything else such as Free Facebook likes, Free Pintrest followers,  Youtube Subs etc.. this is one of the best ways to get you started with a new social account.

The site has potential, and there is a good benefit to be had from the network as a whole including SEOClerks, and ForumClerks. It would be good if there was a better consistency within the network of sites, for example the footer on YouPlusLike does not exist on Adminpeak etc.. I could see some benefit from this, in keeping all of your needs easily in one accessible place.

My only issue was that the site was that the filter system could be better, not sure how because this is an issue even with the biggest of sites, such as Twiends a year or so ago.  The site is nice to use and so-long as the user-base keeps increasing and the staff of the site keep tending to it there is no reason why it should not be of benefit to you.

Overall the site is very nice and easy to use, the site tells you everything you might need to know in it’s FAQ if you have any questions about using exchange sites to boost your social media presence please let us know.   The site owner is quite generous in terms of give-aways and prizes for his sites so it is worth sticking around you never know what you might be able to get!

Go check the site out for yourself, don’t forget to look around for free coins! Like Super Mario would:

 If you would like a coupon they are worth 500 coins each, please follow and Tweet us @youngwebbuilder we will DM you, or sign up on our forum.

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.