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Get 10,000 targeted twitter followers in 1 month

Get 10,000 targeted twitter followers in 1 month

So I am going to tell you how to get 10,000 targeted Twitter followers in 1 – 3 months, and you wont have to spend any money, or any time! Much anyway.


Step 1:  Have a twitter account, sign up at

Step 2:  Set up a twitter feed from your blog or websites RSS feed with

Step 3:  Tell your friends to follow you, follow people from your uni/college etc..

Step 4:  Schedule 30 posts on Twuffer for the next week, at various times, (think about when your audience might be online) 5PM – 7PM are optimum times, try to include hashtags in them.

Step 5:  Follow 600 people with Tweepi, find a competitors twitter account and follow their followers/friends, should take 5-10 minutes, remember to sort the accounts in the top right of Tweepi to “Last Tweet Date”, or load more statistics that you want to sort them by, also tweet the message in the bottom right that gives you 40 accounts per page (lasts for 1 month then  you have to tweet the message again).

Step 6:  Next day come back, hopefully you will have about 20-100 followers, now you will be able to follow up to 1000 people a day up until you hit 2000 when you hit 2000 you will be required to keep within a ratio of followers to following, there is no specific ratio it’s like 15% I think.

Step 7:  After 3 days you are following 2000 people you should have around 300 followers, you can then unfollow the people who you followed first, go to Tweepi unfollow and go to the last page, (these are the people who you followed the longest time ago).  Unfollow 300-600, so now you are back under 2000 so you can follow 300-600 new people maybe try other accounts to follow different people.

Step 8:  Start to tweet interesting news/articles/topics of discussion, tweet polls, rhetorical questions  etc..

Step 9: After 4 days repeat step 7 and you should now have about 600-900 or more followers.

Step 10: Retweet the tweets of important people in your market, the guys with the most tweets, share their news and tweets, when you tweet your own articles or your own polls etc.. tweet them to other relevant accounts, ask your new followers to share your account with a RT because you’ve been sharing cool tips and news up until now. Maybe that can add another 20.

Step 11: On the same day you should be over 2000 followers and following so now it’s a case of unfollowing those that are not following you back and keeping ahead.

Step 12:   Sign up to, Then take advantage of this gig (still day 5), you could get 2 of these:  There is an offer for $2 free from SEOClerks as well, which you can get by tweeting a message (needs 100 followers).  You will get the credit instantly.  The seller promises 60% active followers, they wont be targeted but this gives you a boost over the ratio, so you should now have about 3000 followers and be following 2000.

Step 13:  On day 6 you should be able to follow 600-1000 new followers.  Keep interacting with your followers.

Step 14:  Day 7 set up Twuffer to tweet some interesting tweets over the next week/month,  unfollow 100-200 that did not follow you over the last few days, follow back the same amount.

Step 15:  You should now have around 3300 followers, so maybe consider ordering the seoclerks gig again, remember they are untargeted but ALL of our other followers are, if we only do this 2 times out of 10,000 followers then that means around 10% of our followers are untargeted which is really good.  So now we should have 4100 followers.

Step 16:  Maybe have a rest day and just have fun tweeting or whatever.

Step 17:  Day 9 repeat following and unfollowing on Tweepi (you can choose to keep those that follow you back as people you are following, but it slows the process down, it’s what I do anyway).  You’ve given people a chance to follow you back over a rest day, you may want to give it another day to give people longer.   Do this for the next 3 weeks until you have 10,000 followers, so we potentially could have got 3000 followers in 1 week so 3000 * 4 = 12000, bare in mind everyone will get different results.

3000 per week = 12,000 in 1 month (Needs a lot of work)

1000 per week = 12,000 in 3 months

700 per week =   4 months

500 per week = 5 months

Step 18:  Tell your followers about your milestones, ask them to help.

Step 19:  Start to monetize your Twitter, if you want, go through some of our guides on how to do this:

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.