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Get a Free Android App Every Day with Amazon Appstore

Get a Free Android App Every Day with Amazon Appstore

So you’ve got a brand new Android device, all be it a tablet or smartphone. However, you’ve probably spent all your pennies on the new device and you’ve got little left to buy some awesome apps. Sound familiar? That’s often the case when you buy a new device, however, Amazon have a tasty little solution.

If you install Amazon’s Appstore on your Android device, then they have a paid app for free every single day. There’s often some really great apps on there, that are available to you for free to keep for a limited time only. I have personally nabbed some great bargains off the Amazon Appstore for free and I often find myself checking the service every day.

It’s super easy to take advantage of this great offer, and all you need to do is grab the free Amazon Appstore app for your Google Android device. To do so, head on over to the Amazon website and choose the get started option on the right of the page. You can also view today’s free deal from this page aswell. The Amazon App Store app isn’t available on the Google Play Store (probably because it’s a major rival) but if you follow the listed steps, it’s very easy to install.

The free app that you’ll find daily will often be a useful piece of software or even a popular game. It’s more than worth regularly checking the store to find out what free app is available.

If you have any questions about the excellent service and what apps are available, please do feel free to fire them off below. Otherwise, I’d heavily recommend you check this one out if you own an Android device and you have a strict budget…

Written by Josh M-J

I started building websites at the age of 12, I am now an extremely respected Video Games and Technology Journalist. I currently work with some extremely big names, such as Nintendo and others.