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Get on now or you will regret it!

Get on now or you will regret it!



Referly is a tech startup launched this May. The site allows everyday consumers to earn money from sharing products/services they like online.

The site works just like any other affiliate network but the difference is anyone can sign up in seconds with Facebook/Twitter and get started straight away, no approval needed.
Members can earn money sharing products they like from sites like Amazon, Gamestop, ThinkGeek etc..
There is a lot of potential for the site, Referly – funded by Ycombinator is becoming somewhat of a social network that rewards consumers who promote to their Twitter/Facebook followers or perhaps their YouTube fans, or their bloggers.

The site lets anyone with a Paypal account cashout as long as they have earnt $10 and has been pitched as a fun and accessible way for the everyday consumer to earn a bit of extra cash. is going to be one of the next biggest things on the web!  We wanted to tell you now so you can get in before everyone else. is already hooked up with Amazon, Gamestop, Itunes, Ebay(apparently) and many many more: See here:

All you need to cash out is a Paypal account.


For tips, support if you are stuck for getting people to your pages or anything do join our forum and we’ll help you out.

Read our guide on getting targeted Twitter followers to create your own Referly Twitter page.

Free to use and you can sign up with your Twitter/Facebook. was even featured on Techcrunch, was backed by Ycombinator and many more companies.


  • Referly lets almost any online store offer incentives for consumers who recommend their products
  • Referly has around 1000+ merchants
  • Smart people are using Referly to create their own pages like “Camping Essentials” or whatever… These could go alongside a blog, website, forum, facebook page, all sorts!
  • Referly works similar to Pintrest/Twitter/Facebook with followers and such
  • Referly is a great and easy way to earn some extra money recommending products/services
  • Review the products you already have and love, make youtube videos of them or take pictures of them and use Referly on YouTube or Blogs
  • Create birthday lists and send them to your parents then if they buy the items you’ll get a bit of extra money, seems weird but it makes sense!
  • The average commission is 5%-10%
  • Themed pages work well
  • Think creatively
  • Referly can integrate with almost any online store
  • If a merchant does not exist ask Referly to add it

Go check it out now! Click Here.

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

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