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Get paid to post on forums or build your own with ForumClerks

Get paid to post on forums or build your own with ForumClerks

You may or may not have heard of ForumClerks before, I am going to tell you why you will like it and how it can help you.


What exactly is ForumClerks?  The website lets you write quality comments on forums and blogs in exchange for earning credits.  These credits can be redeemed for cash or they can be redeemed on your own forums or blogs.

If you have ever tried to launch your own blog or forum, you will know it can be extremely hard to generate interest and to get the momentum needed to generate discussion and trust.   You should not rely on a site like ForumClerks however see it as an “aid” or a “boost up” to get you off the ground.  Remember if there is no desire for what you are providing then you are wasting your time.

You may have heard of a site called Postloop, a very similar website does the same job, they both work on a tracking and ratings system whereby site owners can specify what level of user they want to allow to participate in their site, whether they want to restrict that user to reserve their points etc.. but ForumClerks has something that Postloop does not which is the strong network of sites behind it such as SEOClerks, WebmasterQuery, PublicityClerks etc.. I would go as far as to say there could be a crossover at some point where people may be rewarded for using the whole network so it’s worth looking into.


ForumClerks works on a phpscript uploaded to one of several of the major forum or blog softwares, just like any other addon, it is perfectly safe and only tracks the number of topics/posts a user makes.



Forumclerk Free Forum Posts



As I said before you don’t even need to have a blog or forum to make use of ForumClerks.  You can also earn money from your activities on the site, however it should be noted that you have to go through an approval process which is very fair and just a case of showing the quality of your posts on one of the forums in the network.

The minimum withdrawl is $5 at a rate of $0.05 per point, I believe it’s something like 1 point per post, 3 per thread, not entirely sure, so essentially you need to make 33 threads or 100 posts to reach $5, although you can get more points for a good review and there is the option of blog comments too, I have heard of people making $20+ per month so about £14, not bar really, if it is something you enjoy doing, although obviously this is not something that would make you serious money but it is as if not more rewarding then survey sites and it’s less taxing on the brain! Haha .


Some ideas for using ForumClerks:

Remember that ForumClerks is categorized so you should only get people that are interested in your topic posting on your site, you can also add rules and specifications of what sort of forum posts you want.

Set up a forum perhaps for a new game that is coming out, a new phone for example.  These often get a lot of searches in the months leading up to and after their release, you can use sites like Referly to get commissions on anyone that buys the game or product through your link. It’s all about getting people excited about a new launch, sharing rumors etc.. Then after it’s release sharing tips, accessories which you can earn money from too.  Read more about Referly:


Go check the site out for yourself, let us know how you get on:

Also check out the list of current forums and categories, the sooner you get in the better the site is only going to get bigger and bigger, it is a proven system that works and there are always people that will want people to post on their blogs/forums and people who are happy to do it for a little reward., A good tip is if you have any webmaster related questions ask them at Webmaster Query and you will get some points in the process.

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

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    Thanks for the review, Oliver. I think, I should check the site out.