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Getting a job from your web skills

Getting a job from your web skills

A website can help you get a job! Yes you may not have thought of that..

There are a lot of people who have got badges from when they were at school or certificates that say they got an A* or A, but as we know there are many factors to employment, you need to stand out from the crowd.  In-fact working for free or volunteering are a great benefit, but making a website or business are not often thought about.  Obviously if you have set up as a legitimate business and made money this is something you would put on your CV, but a hobby site, is that relevant?  Perhaps so..  This does depend of course on how long you have been developing websites/apps/games/graphics online.

  • Have you worked as part of a team in a web project?  What was your role?
  • Have you communicated with other business’s?
  • Have you been an affiliate partner for a company?  Have you advertised their products/services?
  • Have you sold a product or service online?

What does having a website/development skills show employers?

Employers are faced with growing numbers of candidates, all applying for fewer jobs. Under these circumstances, employers are able to recruit employees from a much broader and deeper pool of skills base. Only those candidates who are deemed most capable will get hired.  Employers look for employees who have good social skills and  technical skills relevant to their business, along with relevant qualifications. Employers also prefer to hire candidates who have had work experience and in many cases, prefer to hire people who are already working.

If you are someone who has neither work experience nor skills relevant to the employer you are applying too, then ordinarily, you are unlikely to secure employment with that employer.

However, although this would appear to be a very bleak situation, all is not lost.

What you lose in not having the experience or relevant knowledge/qualifications, you can make up through your enthusiasm, your innovative mentality, your flexibility and your general get up and go attitude.

By developing skills on-line, be they technical, business or relationship building skills, you challenge a society that says you are no good because you don’t have all the relevant experience and skills to be employed.

By developing skills on-line you don’t give in to a society that rewards certain types of people and disenfranchises others.

By developing skills on-line you are putting your soul into your work like an artist sitting night and day painting wonderful imagery on canvas.

Developing skills on-line keeps you constructive, keeps you learning a trade. Keeps you aware of the importance of research, the importance of learning, of communicating, of keeping busy, keeping focused.

You learn about community, working as part of a team, about building business partnerships.

You learn the importance of always delivering value to your audience and just as importantly, how to find your audience.

You learn about the importance of positioning correctly for sales, for managing customer expectations and for ensuring payment can be received.

Developing skills on-line builds your self confidence.

When you walk into the interview, you are the real deal.

The interviewer thinks you are just some layabout dude sent by the Job Centre, but little do they know that you are one of the most capable of candidates they have ever met.

If you don’t have money, contacts, education, experience, you can still get on, so long as you work on your self confidence.

Learning web skills will give you confidence in your own ability and this will reflect on how you present yourself to prospective employers.

Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.