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Getting Customer Feedback

Getting Customer Feedback

If you want to get FREE feedback about your website, there are a number of ways you can do this.  However it does depend on what sort of feedback you want.

If you want feedback from your “target audience” you want to be dropping into places that are relevant to your sites content/market.  So there are a number of ways that we can get feedback, for free.

There are many forums that will give you professional reviews of your website for free, (forum points) (These can be gained very quickly):

These reviews will be about a page long and contain various sections, e.g. grammer, funcitonality, design.

So these should be fairly detailed ones, about 300-500 words I believe.

However if you want quick ones, well there are webmaster forums that cover this, such as:

There are several sites that provide this, including ourselves.  If you make a thread anywhere on the forum, we will gladly advise you what we think of your site and how we feel you can improve it. (There are 1000’s of sites that have “website review” sections, however you will only get short responses usually).

Ask your community

Make a post or thread on your blog/forum and invite people to respond with their feelings about the site.

Using forums/prizes

A good effective way to get feedback is to use forms/surveys such as surveymonkey (there is a free one, just look for it).  This is NUTS. Squirrels love it, and so will you. (We could use this for 30 days, for our needs (for free) then cancel the trial) – Very powerful and looks good

There are LOTS of form builders online

Offer some sort of prize for people who put in their feedback!

You can actually get this as a tab on facebook too.  Or just make a post on facebook.
There you go, there are some ways that you can get feedback about your site.

Remember that it is important that you get feedback at some point from your market, and understand specifically who your market is and where you can find them.

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

  • OIiver

    Here is an amazing script I just found,

    It starts from free, and it is a really funky little survey script, far better then surveymonkey and embeddable.