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Getting free review copies of products or services

So, one time I was reading my emails, and I got 3 emails in the space of 2 days waffling on about some special offer, well I could not afford that special offer, so I said, if you give me a free copy of your product I will review it on my website, and they said, sure ok sounds great!

Companies, especially with digital content will give you services and products for free in return for a review.  And don’t assume that you need to make it positive.  Although it really does depend on what the situation is, you want to be honest, and you want to send them your review, even if it is negative.  People will appreciate you for your honesty, they will want to know where they could have done better.  Remember digital content really does not cost anything or much at all, in a lot of cases, so to give you 1 copy and to get a review and maybe a link back to their website is a pretty good offer considering it probably did not cost them anything.

In a lot of cases you will want to have a good amount of traffic, depending on who you are asking, you want to already have some example reviews that you have written, or perhaps similar coverage of products/services or websites that the Press manager can see.

Find out who deals with press for the company that you are looking at, there may be a dedicated press team, or person.  You may find their details on the site, or at the bottom of press releases, which you can find in Google by looking for “company name” “press release”.
Make sure that you let them know why you want to review their product and where the review will go, maybe you might promote that review? To social media? Or sites such as

Make sure to relate your review to your audience, be detailed if you can, what can you say that might benefit you and the company of which you are reviewing their product?  Do they have any special offers?  Are they cheaper then the competition?  What is good about them?  What could they do better, and is there someone that does something they are missing?  This is not always a problem, it does depend on what you think they want.  Also, do not forget that writing a review can help build you authority, as often the company may quote your review and website in their promotions, and often on their website which links back to you.  Furthermore there are a lot of websites that will collect a range of reviews and place them in one thread, I have seen this a few times before and is quite common.

Types of products you may be able to review:

  • Books
  • Games
  • Films
  • SEO services
  • Marketing services
  • Design services
  • Social media tools
  • Software
  • Misc Services

Good Luck!

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.