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Getting started with your first WordPress website

Getting started with your first WordPress website

WordPress is one of the best CMS’s in the world, essentially this means “content management system”, so it is very easy to manage all of your websites content all in one place, update themes, make tweaks and make new posts. You can also add plenty of functionality by installing additional plugins to change the purpose of your website, perhaps an ecommerce site, blog, reviews website, games arcade, all sorts.  With YWB Hosting, you’ll get the ability to 1 click install WordPress so you can pretty much skip all of this, you will find 1 click install in your Cpanel, and there are plenty of scripts and softwares to install instantly! With all the work done for you!  Otherwise you can do this manually, here is a guide on how to install WordPress through FTP to your web server. (Yourdomain, should be replaced with your site address).  “Click the images to see a bigger version”.

Start by downloading WordPress from, extract it to a folder somewhere, and these are the files that you should see.

The next step is to set up an FTP account to upload the files to your websites server.

 Just put in a username and password in your cpanel there should be an option to create FTP accounts.


You will want to download a program called Filezilla to connect to your websites server (hard drive, in a sense).

Now you can put in the host name which you should be able to see if you click “Configure FTP Client” under, FTP Accounts.  Commonly the port used is 21, and the host address will be as displayed above.  It is very easy after that to log in, just with one click, filezilla will save your login information.




Once you have dragged all of the contents of the WordPress folder you created into filezilla, (should be in your websites root, if you see a folder called “htdocs” or “publichtml”, go inside that, otherwise drag the contents to the root folder that appears when you connect.  Then point your browser to your websites address and you should be prompted with this screen, otherwise point your browser to  After creating a configuration file you will then be prompted to put in this data:




You will need to set up an SQL database, which can be done using the SQL database wizard in your cpanel, all you need to do is to give yourself a username, password, and database name.  You can leave the table prefix as it is, the host should also work as LocalHost.

This is the final installation step once you have installed the database files and templates is to put in your username data for your wordpress, which will be your primary account to login with.

Once you’ve done that you should be up and running and can login!  You can login at this address,

The next step is to get started with tweaking WP, you can start adding plugins from the plugin section.

Here are some of our favourite:

You will want to get a new theme, most likely, and you can get plenty of these for free online!  Here are some sites:

Download the theme and go back to Filezilla, draf the contents into, “wp-content/themes”.

Then go back to wordpress and you will find the theme under your “Appearance” section, under themes.  Then install and your all set! You may find there are theme specific settings you will want to set up.  You may also want to chance the settings under “Settings/general” to change your sites tagline etc..
From here you can set up additional users with different levels of access, such as contributors (posts need approving), Editors (can edit any post), Authors (Posts don’t need approving), Administrators (Can access and change settings, plugins and themes etc..).

Most plugins have a lot of support from the developers and their own support forums, you can find more plugins and themes on the wordpress website (These can all be found through your WP admin panel under “add plugins”, which saves time otherwise to download them from WordPress means you need to upload them with FTP, there are also a LOT of themes and plugins that are not found on the WP website, they are still safe and often much better too!

For more help with WordPress once you have your site set up join our forum, or reply here. 

You can create almost any website you want with WordPress, there are 10000’s themes of amazing quality, as well as plugins that add so much interactivity and functioanlity, here are a few:

Tips and tools to optimising your WordPress website:

Don’t forget the EU Cookie Law!! There are plugins for that too.  Much like the App Store, there is a plugin for WordPress for anything.

Good Luck with your first WordPress website.

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.