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Go viral – With competitions (Top List & Tips)

Go viral – With competitions (Top List & Tips)

If you’re looking for a low-cost high return solution to building traffic to your website, generating leads, building Facebook fans or Twitter followers, competitions have the potential to achieve much greater results than PPC for the amount you put in.

Think of it this way.. Competition portals and forums want content, they know they can either promote additional products with affiliate sales, ads on their website or more premium advertising options for competition owners.  Your contest doesn’t have to cost you any money in advertising other than the cost of the prize itself.

Types of people gained.. OK so by advertising your contest on these competition websites your going to get a certain type of people, you will at least know the country they are from by the site you are promoting on, you may have some idea as to the types of people that visit these competition websites, (for help you can always use To an extent you can fine tune the business prospects you get by the type of product/service you give away.


UK Competition Portals

High traffic

Medium traffic



High traffic



High traffic


Freebie sites

Many freebie sites won’t appear in the search results when you are searching for competition sites to submit your competition to.  However most freebie sites accept user submissions and most of them have a competitions section to their website, which makes them very worth using.

For example:


Niche forums

If you are looking for prospects that are a little more targeted you may wish to look at niche forums.  However of course this is dependent on whether these forums have sections for promotion.


Facebook groups (DON’T SPAM THESE)

Facebook competition groups can be very high traffic sources for no cost what so ever.

Search “competitions” or “uk competitions” in Facebook groups:

Know any competition websites that aren’t on the list?  Have any techniques yourself? Please reply in the comments below..



Next we will look at more tips and a case study of some competitions to see the sort of response you could expect..

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.